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Ten Big Ones - Community Reviews back

by Janet Evanovich
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Martha Sweeney
Martha Sweeney rated it 5 years ago
I enjoyed many of the Stephanie Plum series when I was a teenager and young adult. However, now that I'm older and have read a few of the more recent additions, I'd have to say I'm a little disappointed. There hasn't been much character development or movement forward. It's the same general routi...
Wyvernfriend Reads
Wyvernfriend Reads rated it 6 years ago
Never, ever start reading Janet Evanovich when going to bed, cause you just won't stop, I really enjoyed this. Stephanie Plum continues to amuse, the tension between her, Ranger and Morelli continues and another of her cars blows up. This time there's a price on her head!
Denise rated it 6 years ago
Overall I did enjoy this one but Stephanie's immaturity and stubbornness really got on my nerves. Her ineptness just didn't seem humorous in this one but annoying. I really liked that we finally got to see were Ranger lives (it wasn't that bat cave but at least it was something). I still plan on con...
Don't Stop Readin'
Don't Stop Readin' rated it 6 years ago
Damn, this series has started going downhill. :",",",",",",0,,,,, 40351,Four to Score (Stephanie Plum
The Night Owl
The Night Owl rated it 6 years ago
Somehow I skipped this book when I was catching up on the series. I’ve already read up to Notorious Nineteen and like I had observed in that review, you can pretty much pick up this series anywhere without skipping a beat. Morelli and Plum are off and on again every other page, another car blows up,...
Little Miss Bookmark
Little Miss Bookmark rated it 7 years ago
Pretty good!
Lost Between Pages
Lost Between Pages rated it 7 years ago
This one really didn't cut it for me.I was able to put it down, and actually read FOUR books in between picking this one back up again! That's saying something!Usually, I read this series lickity-split, but this one just could not hold my interest! Stephanie's up to her old ways and always finds tro...
Jude's World
Jude's World rated it 9 years ago
....where Stephanie & Lula stumble upon a deli-robbery....except..Stephie sees the perpStephanie loses another vehicle...and stands to lose her lifeone more trip into GANGLAND..and Miss Plum might stumble onto something UGLY..Keystone Kops here...in North Jerseythe horror of modern-day life....sifte...
Sassafrass rated it 9 years ago
Stephanie has gotten herself in trouble, AGAIN; She breaks up with Morelli, AGAIN; and she lusts over Ranger, AGAIN.But I must say, I LOVE IT! I love this series. I love Janet Evanovich's voice and her handle on Stephanie. She's hilarious.I also must say, that Stephanie, living in Ranger's apartm...
Horrorvacui000 rated it 9 years ago
I love that you get to find out a little bit about Ranger in this one. Plus, who would have thought Sally had it in him. =)
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