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The Alchemy of Stone - Community Reviews back

by Ekaterina Sedia
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Tannat rated it 9 months ago
Abandoned @ 11 % I'm not finding this very interesting, so I'm throwing in the towel after a couple chapters. I've read too many books that I've disliked lately to put up with one that I'm pretty sure I'll only find mediocre. Next!
Grac's Never-ending TBR Pile of Doom
I'd only read one of this author's books previously, but The Alchemy of Stone had been recommended to me by a couple of people, so when I was able to pick up a second-hand copy quite cheaply I decided to go for it. The main character, Mattie, is an automaton who lives in a city which is run by a D...
meganbaxter rated it 5 years ago
Power and control, society and structure, alchemy and engineering, machine and gargoyle. This is a world populated by the strange and steampunky, with emancipated (but maybe not really) humanoid robots, and gargoyles slowly turning to stone against their will. It's also a world in flux, where feudal...
Just Another Reader
Just Another Reader rated it 5 years ago
I just could not get into this book. Granted it was due to the library the next day so I skimmed most of it.
The Great Destroyer
The Great Destroyer rated it 7 years ago
I never thought I'd encounter a book like The Alchemy of Stone. It’s something I can’t describe in mere words.I’m serious. I can’t find words to describe it but here goes my weak and unworthy attempt. It’s a heart-breaking story, and yet it has many emotional and happy, at times, moments. It shows a...
Living For Books
Living For Books rated it 7 years ago
3,5L'alchimista di Ekaterina Sedia è un romanzo autoconclusivo di genere steampunk dalle premesse davvero interessanti e con diversi spunti di riflessione molto attuali.Vediamo innanzitutto più da vicino la storia. Il mondo è molto diverso da quello che conosciamo e tecnologia e alchimia sono due sc...
suzemo rated it 7 years ago
This book is incredibly complex, and I'm having a hard time coming up with a good review for it.There are so many issues all hitting at the same time. And interestingly, the whole uprising of some of the classes in this book happens as the same time of the Occupy movement, and it feels so real.I (n...
siberia rated it 8 years ago
The writing style of this Steampunk novel was easy to read and quite lovely. It reminded me a lot of Battle Angel Alita and a bit of Full Metal Alchemist (Anime & Manga). It was interesting to see things from the Gargoyles perspective - especially as they watched the city crumble around them. The e...
cindywho rated it 8 years ago
This one reminded me of the China Mieville books that I've read. It's somewhat less grotesque and I really liked the clockwork girl alchemist protagonist. Everyone's looking for their own freedom in a stone city full of mechanics, alchemists and gargoyles.
Chris' Fish Place
Chris' Fish Place rated it 9 years ago
When I re-read The Little Mermaid as an adult something about it bugged me. This something bugs me more and more each time I re-read the story. It's not the pain the mermaid feels when she walks; all of Andersen's characters seem to get tortured, the Ugly Duckling was a male and he got frozen in t...
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