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The Amethyst Cat Caper - Community Reviews back

by Charlie Cochet
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...Bookfanatic rated it 6 years ago
Remi's family has disowned him. Seems nothing he does is good enough. So he did what every resourceful British boy does when faced with this challenge back in the early 1900's he packed up and went to New York and made a successful life for himself as an entrepreneur. Hawk is a Pinkerton agent. ...
TTG rated it 7 years ago
Very fun and enjoyable historical mystery novella about Remi, the young owner of a New York City tea house who gets mixed up with a stolen cat statue and finds knocking at his door one grouchy Pinkerton detective by the name of Stanley Hawk. I was looking for something light and fun, and this novell...
julio-alexi genao
julio-alexi genao rated it 8 years ago
abandoned at 20 percent.the writing drove me nuts.when it wasn't anachronistic irritations chapping my ass, it was needless repetitions of uncommon phrases. when it wasnt either of those, it was just plain inelegant.poorly-edited, in other words.it's a shame. I enjoy period stories set in this era.b...
Reader's Discretion Advised
Reader's Discretion Advised rated it 8 years ago
I am not going to rate this (I know, I know. Perish the thought and all that nonsense).I just can't, not in good faith, anyways.For one thing, I despised Hawk. Just absolutely despised him. I really wanted Gray to win, you know. So much so, in fact, that Gray/Remi are now my head-canon. I just decid...
MaiMai rated it 8 years ago
A well-crafted novella that captures the flavour of 1930s America. It played out, much like a film of that era, in my head including musical soundtrack and well-suited actors cast in the major roles!
Stumbling Over Chaos
Stumbling Over Chaos rated it 8 years ago
Very good mystery and romance set in Manhattan in the 1930s, in which the owner of a teahouse purchases a cat statue that he assumes is a forgery until a Pinkerton's man comes knocking on his door...
Sandra rated it 9 years ago
$4.99 at AllRomance
MostlyDelores rated it 9 years ago
Romantic, almost syrupy-sweet, with Remi the aristocratic young beauty and Hawk, the tough detective with a marshmallow centre. Very enjoyable.
Ami's Hoard
Ami's Hoard rated it 9 years ago
Hmmm, I think my biggest issue with this one is the Insta-Love. I'm not such a huge fan of that theme, personally. Considering the blurb and the cover, I kind expect some investigations into the identity of The Gentlemen Thief, in addition to the romance. Unfortunately, it's goes straight to acknowl...
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