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The Art of Seducing a Naked Werewolf - Community Reviews back

by Molly Harper
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Rachel's books
Rachel's books rated it 2 years ago
I'm glad Maggie got her own story. But, she had moments where I really, really wanted to smack her. She could be just plain stupid. I also didn't really "get" the romance. Maggie spends (at least to me)a lot of time pushing Nick away. So, of course, he is hopelessly in love with her. Here is to hopi...
The Lethal Librarian
The Lethal Librarian rated it 2 years ago
I adore books that make me smile or chuckle. It is very rare fro me to find one that will make me laugh out loud...but this book did, several times!We are treated to Maggies' story, but for those of you who have read the first novel How to Flirt with a Naked Werewolf you will be happy to know that M...
Addicted To Romance
Addicted To Romance rated it 4 years ago
Maggie is the Alpha of the pack, and has been for quite some time. Maggie is used to taking charge with no nonsense attitude. When a journalist researching werewolves comes into Grundy, all she wants to do is kick him out, until she first sees him and then she starts to rethink that idea. Maggie is ...
Fantasy is More Fun
Fantasy is More Fun rated it 4 years ago
My Initial Reaction… When I started listening to The Art of Seducing a Naked Werewolf I was a bit disappointed. I had assumed that, like the Jane Jameson series, the Naked Werewolf series would all be told from the point of view of the first book’s MC – Mo. Yes, I’m perfectly aware that simply re...
kdhmhmm rated it 4 years ago
I didn't care for this as much as the other two in the series. I didn't like Maggie, the heroine. She was immature, clueless and inconsiderate of others feelings. I have no idea what Nick, the hero saw in her.
Carolyn Cannot Live Without Books!
Carolyn Cannot Live Without Books! rated it 5 years ago
Audiobook. Really cute book. I thought that Maggie would be the same as she was in the first book - talking with her fists instead of with words. But she was actually really enjoyable. I kind of wish the cling-free sheet person would have had a few less smell encounters, I was thinking enough alread...
Fangs for the Fantasy
Fangs for the Fantasy rated it 5 years ago
Now that Connor is abdicated his position of alpha, his younger sister Maggie is now alpha. Maggie campaigned for this position but as with all things in life, one must be careful what they wish for. Maggie new role calls for great responsibility because pack life is not a democracy. All decision...
Books and Things
Books and Things rated it 5 years ago
I have to admit, I do enjoy Molly Harper's humor in her PNR books. I enjoyed this second installment and I even read the first (proof: How to Flirt With a Naked Werewolf review). In this one we get Maggie, the kick-arse alpha near Grundy AK. No one messes with her, but there is something strange goi...
Lila's Lair
Lila's Lair rated it 5 years ago
The Art of Seducing a Naked Werewolf surpassed my expectations, and well, I love when a book does that. The first in the series, How to Flirt With a Naked Werewolf, was a bit of fun but had me pet peeving more than I would like. This book? I loved the whole journey. The love interest in this story i...
mlsimmons rated it 5 years ago
Doing a relisten before book three comes out.
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