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The Best Intentions - Community Reviews back

by Candice Hern
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Tami rated it 3 years ago
Like often, the praise for this claimed this would be like Georgette Heyer. It was not. It was a nice and sweet romance, a good and entertaining read. But it was nowhere in Georgette Heyer spheres. I will definitely check out other novels by this author, but it is significantly different from th...
Muccamukk rated it 7 years ago
Enjoyable romp about an archaeology nerd totally not courting and kind of accidentally falling for an Earl her older sister had set her cap for. I especially enjoyed the Saxon architecture bits, and how natural her nerdiness about old churches felt. Her interactions with the kids played out well too...
Sassapphras rated it 8 years ago
Books that genuinely make me laugh--repeatedly--will almost always get 5 stars from me.
Ilze rated it 9 years ago
Too similar in plot to Mary Balogh's "An Unacceptable Offer" - the widower with 2 small daughters and the plain heroine who figures she's unworthy of him when compared to her beautiful and sophisticated cousin/sister. But the execution of the story is not even close (in quality) to Mary Balogh's ach...
Josie rated it 50 years ago
[Read for Fantasyland: Round 1]I liked it, it was an enjoyable book. I was going to go for a rating around 3.5 stars but I read it quick and all at once so I rounded it up. It's a sweet historical romance so don't go expecting a life changing book - I imagine it's more of an easy-read, one you'd cho...
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