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by Tinnean
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She Reads Too Much
She Reads Too Much rated it 7 years ago
No, I didn't like that at all. All syrup and no substance. Poor relationship development. Just. No.
The Book High
The Book High rated it 7 years ago
The thing I love about books that the blurb made this book sound like is the slow build-up of attraction between characters who for whatever reason have convinced themselves they can't have a relationship. I think that the moment when the attraction builds to the point that they can no longer resis...
BarbsBooks rated it 7 years ago
4 StarsI enjoyed this book. I’m a little surprised by some of the reviews I have read about it. If I hadn’t already been a fan of Tinnean’s Spook series I may have skipped this. Thankfully I didn’t. This was a lovely romance. The story revolves around the couple and how they found their way to each ...
Nic Starr
Nic Starr rated it 7 years ago
A pleasant read that did not fully live up to my expectations. The first half of this book had lots of potential but did not follow through. The characters started out interestingly enough and the idea of both men being hurt on Valentine's Day was good, with this day appearing again at the end (alth...
vampkiss rated it 7 years ago
4 stars. Thought this was just sweet and loved the beginning. Would of liked a bit more time with the couple...well, as a couple. They were only together for two days or so before Ran gets called off for a family emergency, so I really wanted to read more of them being together.
Mandy, I read obsessively
Mandy, I read obsessively rated it 7 years ago
Pre-ordered, my valentine to myself! :) Parrish is working for Ransom, and lusting after Ransom, but the company has a very strictly enforced no fraternization regulations. Ransom and Parrish have been hurt in the past and have issues with their family.Both of them seem to attract cheaters. It was ...
Trisha Harrington's Blog
Trisha Harrington's Blog rated it 7 years ago
Sweet, sappy and just my thing. Tinnean is an author I love. I have loved the Spy Vs. Spook series since I started reading it, and now this is another of her stories that gets 5 stars. I loved the characters and although I was a tiny bit skeptical in the beginning, this book made me fall in love and...
Heller rated it 7 years ago
2.75Super cheesy but I really liked Parrish. Lots of loose ends though that I would have liked to see tied up. If you're looking for something that's uber sweet this might be a read for you. It was a bit too much in places for me but I did like the MC's and the first half was stronger than the last ...
MM Good Book Reviews (Pixie's books)
4 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviewshttp://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com/ Ransom has two strict rules, one: no relationships between co-workers and two: any lover will be monogamous. Ransom has kept to his own rules but has been tempted in the past year by Parrish, his new executive sec...
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