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The Birth of Sydney - Flannery, Tim
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The Birth of Sydney
ISBN: 9781876485450
Edition language: English
Community Reviews
Grimlock ♥ Inhumans
Grimlock ♥ Inhumans rated it
4.0 Primer Pages
This is the down-and-dirtiest possible introduction, leaving out specifics like the Frank Miller storylines with Electra. It's more 'this is how I got my powers, my dad died, and I'm a lawyer now, too.' Alright. It's well done for how many pages the author had, and it's gorgeously illustrat...
Grimlock ♥ Inhumans
Grimlock ♥ Inhumans rated it
5.0 Yes, please!
One story wraps up while another one is set up: Sam and Matt head back to America after kinda-somewhat dealing with The Beast. Meanwhile, someone's just been elected Mayor, because the next storyline is Mayor Fisk. I knew this going in, so there's that wonderful little fact. I love The King...
Grimlock ♥ Inhumans
Grimlock ♥ Inhumans rated it
5.0 Creepy, creepy, creepy
Soule does the whole mystic thing in a way that meshes with Daredevil. (Sometimes it's just weird.) It's creepy, more so because you're going 'no, not Sam, Blindspot just wouldn't do all this!' Tenfingers is back, somehow and Matt is about to meet the creature that helped Sam get his sight b...
Lora's Rants and Reviews
Lora's Rants and Reviews rated it
3.5 Fairies
by Morgan Daimler Non-fiction This book is about the folklore and fairy tradition of Ireland. It may well be the most down-to-earth book on the subject on the market to date. Rather than the airy-fairy Victorian ideas of pretty little girl fairies that popular culture has spread, this is about t...
Audio Book Junkie
Audio Book Junkie rated it
4.0 "Slouch Witch - The Lazy Girl's Guide To Magic #" by Helen Harper - tremendous fun
I knew Helen Harper could write original, compelling, dark, angst-ridden Urban Fantasy, her Bo Blackman series proved that. I didn't know that she could also write light, witty, laugh-out-loud, ever-so-slightly-RomCom Urban Fantasy. I know it now. "Slouch Witch" is a delightful piece of comedy...
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