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The Bloody Chamber And Other Stories - Community Reviews back

by Angela Carter, Helen Simpson
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Locus Amoenus: All By My Shelf
Locus Amoenus: All By My Shelf rated it 1 year ago
"You never saw such a wild thing as my mother, her hat seized by the winds and blown out to sea so that her hair was her white mane, her black lisle legs exposed to the thigh, her skirts tucked round her waist, one hand on the reins of the rearing horse while the other clasped my father's service re...
Folding Paper & Spilling Ink
Folding Paper & Spilling Ink rated it 1 year ago
It's sort of weird that it took me so long to read Angela Carter - dark feminist leaning fairytale retellings are near and dear to my heart. This collection took me a while to get through, though that's no fault of the stories themselves. Carter's writing is rich, sumptuous, and dense enough it's wo...
Jennifer's Books
Jennifer's Books rated it 2 years ago
Wonderful. Simply wonderful. I enjoyed every story in this collection, save for one. The first four were my favorites, with the fourth--"Puss-in-Boots"--the absolute gem of the book. "The Snow Child" was the one I didn't much care for. It was a bit too disturbing for my taste. The writing was lo...
Themis-Athena's Garden of Books
Themis-Athena's Garden of Books rated it 2 years ago
What a great early start to this year's Halloween Bingo. I confess I didn't care so much for the first (i.e., the titular) story -- leaving aside the obvious similarities to Ann Radcliffe's Mysteries of Udolpho, it feels like I've read essentially this very story a few times too often already, bec...
Lillelara rated it 2 years ago
This short story collection was not my cup of tea. Angela Carter writing style is flowery, verbose, convoluted, very description-heavy and symbolical, a writing style I don´t particularly like. And to be honest, some of these stories went over my head and I didn´t get a grasp on the feminist overton...
Lillelara rated it 2 years ago
The Beauty and the Beast retold and this story was kind of boring. The story has been to rushed, with the hand licking on their very first day together, Beautys sudden departure and her change of heart and rushing back to the beast after she has forgotten all about him for a considerable amount of t...
Lillelara rated it 2 years ago
The Bloody Chamber is a retelling of the french folklore tale "Bluebeard". It´s dark and twisted and beautifully written, even though I felt slightly disturbed most of the time and some passages made me feel downright icky: I saw him watching me in the gilded mirrors with the assessing eye of a c...
lysdexic rated it 3 years ago
This book is such a treat. It's a feminist, erotic retelling of a selection of popular fairytales like Bluebeard, Beauty and the Beast, Red Riding Hood, The Snow Queen etc, and does not lose the darkness and punch of the original narratives. Carter's satin prose is such bliss that you want to crawl ...
Obsidian Blue
Obsidian Blue rated it 4 years ago
So I read this for The Dead Writers Society 2016 Genre Challenge for September 2016 and also decided to include this for Halloween Bingo 2016 Scary Women (Authors) square. After hearing how bad the book I chose for that bingo is, I already see a DNF in my future, and as you guys know, DNFs don't cou...
FatherCraneMadeMeDoIt rated it 4 years ago
I was very excited to read this book after it was described as a feminist retelling of fairy tales. But I was kind of disappointed by the stories. Some were good, but others were very confusing and just weird. The writing was very complex, which I think was good and bad at the same time. At times, C...
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