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The Blue Blazes - Community Reviews back

by Chuck Wendig
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Portable Magic
Portable Magic rated it 6 years ago
This book has a number of issues and style choices that I would usually find very offputting, and maybe even dealbreaking taken all together, but the author somehow managed to seize control of my eyeballs and keep them moving across the page until I was surprised, and disappointed, to find myself st...
CheriePie's Books
CheriePie's Books rated it 6 years ago
Mookie Pearl is a thug—a bald, hulking brute of a man that works for the Organization, the syndicated crime ring that runs New York City. He's a harsh, gruff ruffian, and at first, I thought I wouldn't care for his character at all, but as the story progressed and I got a bit more insight into his c...
Shiftyj1 rated it 6 years ago
You don't need “They Live” glasses to see the underworld. Just the Blue. Blaze away and see it all…even the parts you may wish you had never seen at all. Mookie is on a mission to save a crime boss’s life, but he is going to have to conquer the Great Below to do it and there are things in the tangle...
Linda @ (un)Conventional Bookworms
Linda @ (un)Conventional Bookworms rated it 7 years ago
The Blue Blazes- Chuck WendigSeries: Mookie Pear #1Published by: Angry Robot, on 28 May 2013Genres: Adult, Mystery, Thriller, Urban FantasyPages: 397, Format: eARCSource: ARC Netgalley Meet Mookie Pearl. Criminal underworld? He runs it. Supernatural underworld? He hunts in it. Nothing stops Mookie w...
Dantastic Book Reviews
Dantastic Book Reviews rated it 7 years ago
Death by Books
Death by Books rated it 7 years ago
Okay, let me get my one bugaboo present and out of the way. I'm not big on stories written in present tense. I find it jarring and it generally makes it hard for me to become immersed in the story. That being said, I really enjoyed this book.I've never read a book like The Blue Blazes before. It...
Gregor Xane
Gregor Xane rated it 7 years ago
This book is filled with larger-than-life characters, over-the-top action, and massive ‘Hollywood’ set pieces. It’s like reading a comic book in novel format (and sometimes like reading a cartoon). Mookie Pearl is a great character. I pictured an old, grisly Lawrence Tierney crossed with the Incredi...
Tangled Bookmarks
Tangled Bookmarks rated it 7 years ago
How I adore Chuck Wendig! There’s no flowers and unicorns and pretty rainbows and goodness in his worlds. His characters aren’t sweet and righteous and full of morals and ethics. Miriam Black, the “heroine” of his Miriam Black series (Blackbirds & Mockingbirds) is a strong female character…who is al...
The Reader Ramble
The Reader Ramble rated it 7 years ago
Before I begin, first the disclaimer. I don't know if this review would spoil anything for you people looking to read this book, but think of this as a warning just in case something comes up you don't want see.I'm going to confess my undying love here. I love this man's work. LOVE with caps and ita...
MizNikki rated it 7 years ago
I liked it, but it wore me so.Too many folks messing up the show.The story was dark, the story was grim,but I like this author, you should try him.The writing was solid.Had a nice flow.Incomplete sentences are a go.There were snake people who bit,and licked and spit.Touch their venom and you are hit...
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