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The Chemist - Community Reviews back

by Stephenie Meyer
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Bark at the Ghouls
Bark at the Ghouls rated it 2 years ago
My friend, who probably has better taste than me and far more in the way of patience, graciously allowed me to borrow her hardcover copy of this tome. Me, being me, knew I would never finish it in this decade and decided to read it the old fashioned way and in audio so I could speed my way through i...
Portable Mistletoe
Portable Mistletoe rated it 2 years ago
Welp, I gave it my best shot and powered through 25% before giving it up. It wasn't really terrible, but it was remarkably boring for something in the thriller genre. The MC is eyerollingly stupid. [spoiler] (I mean, she seriously jumps to the conclusion that the subject she's been told to torture m...
danae rated it 2 years ago
So, the synopsis didn't really draw me in with this one, but I figured that since I've enjoyed everything else I've read by Stephenie Meyer, there was a good chance I'd enjoy this one too. I was right.I've noticed that, while I usually don't put forth much of an effort toward imagining the settings ...
Emerjas rated it 3 years ago
The Chemist is one of those books that's just silly fun, despite the main character being an expert at torturing people and utilizing her skills in the book. I wasn't particularly interested in the romance part of the story since it was another case of insta love. And I just wasn't impressed by Dani...
bookjunkie57 rated it 3 years ago
I Picked Up This Book Because: I like Stephenie Meyer’s writing. The Characters: Alex/Julianna/Oleander/The Chemist/Olly: This woman is so incredibly strong and brave. Daniel Beach: Unsuspecting school teacher dragged into a world he doesn’t understandKevin Beach: Basically a super soldier.Co-starri...
The Book Junkie
The Book Junkie rated it 3 years ago
I have to admit, I went back and forth about getting this one for a bit before I finally decided to purchase it. I loved the Twilight series (not the movies, just the books) and I was a little bit worried that I would be looking for that same type of writing as I read. I began the book doing exact...
YA Fantasy - K.A. Wiggins
YA Fantasy - K.A. Wiggins rated it 3 years ago
Don't read a lot of crime/thriller type novels, but enjoyed this regardless. Nice balance between a fast-pace, violent yet believable characters, romance and character development. Fast read, especially considering its size!
Beyond Strange New Words
Beyond Strange New Words rated it 3 years ago
Unsurprisingly, The Chemist gripped my interest from the start and held it to the very end, and I lost hours and hours of sleep to it because I couldn’t put it down – I just had to know what happened next!Now, I would love to rave about this book, but I think a major part of enjoying it goes to bein...
YA Anonymous
YA Anonymous rated it 3 years ago
Put the fears of reading another The Host, to bed. This was actually quite fun. It was a bit tough in the beginning. A lot of information, I felt, that could've been left out or at the very least, condensed. However the overall idea and the characters really intrigued me. I couldn't stop reading. By...
Liz Loves Books.Com.
Liz Loves Books.Com. rated it 3 years ago
Interesting. I liked it. So I'll be honest I'm not a huge fan of Stephenie Meyer's novels to date. I enjoy the Twilight movies but couldn't cope with the books, I did not get to the end of The Host but I was intrigued to see how she would tackle an adult novel and a thriller at that. Very well it ...
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