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The Climb: Tragic Ambitions on Everest - Community Reviews back

by Anatoli Boukreev, G. Weston DeWalt
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Sushicat rated it 3 years ago
I read John Krakauer's Into Thin Air a couple of years ago and although the actual climbing sequences were gripping, I was really annoyed at the judgemental descriptions specifically of Anatoli Boukreev. I've put off reading this book because I expected this to be part two of a mudslinging contest. ...
EricCWelch rated it 7 years ago
I love reading about mountain climbing even though wanting to be the one-thousandth person to climb and having fixed ropes and ladders laid out by underpaid third-world sherpas hardly seems like a valid way to spend $70,000. Now Mallory's attempt is something else entirely. (I'm reading [b:Into the ...
The Drift Of Things
The Drift Of Things rated it 17 years ago
I read this right after I read Into Thin Air, just to see the conflicting perspectives. Although the writing was better in Into Thin Air, this was an interesting book.
miscellaneous debris
miscellaneous debris rated it 18 years ago
While the narrative style does not compare to Krakauer's account of the same events, it's interesting to get a different perspective on the 1996 Everest disaster. This book is basically a response to Krakauer's insinuations that Boukreev acted irresposibly on the mountain and gives another version ...
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