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The Corinthian - Community Reviews back

by Georgette Heyer
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Moonlight Reader
Moonlight Reader rated it 3 years ago
The Corinthian was published in 1940. Sprig Muslin was published 16 years later, in 1956. As was the case with many of Heyer's early romances, the age gap between hero and heroine has not worn well. In fact, the similarities of the plots in the two novels makes me wonder if Heyer herself didn't reth...
SusannaG - Confessions of a Crazy Cat Lady
A fairly standard Georgette Heyer. This one features both hero and heroine on the run from pushy relatives, cross-dressing, romantic and comedic complications, and stolen jewels.
C. P. Lesley
C. P. Lesley rated it 4 years ago
My midway post says it all. Except for the heroine-as-plucky child/hero-as-older, wiser, but jaded father figure—which gets real old real fast in today's world—the book is a delight: Heyer at her witty, engaging best. A mix of mystery and romance almost equal to The Talisman Ring, which has always b...
tishke rated it 6 years ago
Not the most memorable of Heyer's novels, but still quite enjoyable.
KizunaYueMichaelis rated it 6 years ago
As always, it is a pleasure to read a book by GH. I like her even more than I like Jane Austen, and that is saying something. This book is very short, I finished it in 24 hours (it is also Thanksgiving Day, so I spent most of the day just reading, enjoying my free time).The book is similar in some w...
Reading a Thousand Lives
Reading a Thousand Lives rated it 7 years ago
Imagine my surprise, and my delight seeing this in the "New Books" section of the library. I was already picking up two other Heyers (Cousin Kate and A Civil Contract) but this was one I had been dying to read. Richard Wyndham is one of my favorite Heyer heroes! I think I just really like the heroes...
Olga Godim
Olga Godim rated it 7 years ago
This book is a treasure trove of laughter. It should be used in laugh therapy. Sir Richard Wyndham is a twenty-nine-year-old Corinthian – wealthy, sophisticated, handsome, and supremely bored with his untroubled, aristocratic existence. He boxes like a champion, drives his horses like an Apollo, and...
My only books were women's looks
My only books were women's looks rated it 8 years ago
Sir Richard Wynham is the perfect Regency man - always perfectly dressed, a regular whip, a champion in boxing matches, with beautiful manners. His only fault - other than his selfish personality - is his lack of a wife at the ripe old age of 29. When he goes to to speak to the woman his father prom...
shadrachanki rated it 8 years ago
Another entertaining romp through Regency-era England. I found this one was a little slow to get started, but as soon as Pen showed up it was a nonstop run from one crazy thing to the next.
By Singing Light
By Singing Light rated it 9 years ago
The Corinthian was the other new-to-me book in this set. A bit on the short side, but lots of fun! Sir Richard, on the point of being badgered into a loveless marriage, helps a young woman named Pen Creed run away. Hijink ensue, in the typical Heyer way. Necklaces, murders, old friends who aren'...
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