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The Countess (Audio) - Community Reviews back

by Lynsay Sands, Sarah Coomes
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What Happens in Books
What Happens in Books rated it 9 years ago
I found this book is better when being re-told than when read??!!I was telling the story to a friend of mine and she seemed to enjoy it.Well, I didn't enjoy reading it.It was supposed to be funny, but I found myself a bit annoyed with the fact that they kept moving and doing things around a dead bod...
Sassapphras rated it 9 years ago
I got to page 30-something of a little over 200 page book--I hate it.
Dawn772 rated it 9 years ago
A really fun steamy story full of humor as they fumble around solving a mystery. Christiana's husband dies and she packs him in ice then takes her sisters to a ball. She is surprised when husband walks into the ball but she doesn't know he has a twin, Richard.
Addicted To Romance
Addicted To Romance rated it 9 years ago
Christiana, because of a gambling debt from her father, was forced to marry, a man that she once fell in love with and found charming and irresistable, however the minute he put his ring on her finger, everything about him changed. He was no longer the man she once knew, but someone that for a year,...
Red Hot Books
Red Hot Books rated it 9 years ago
Christianna got a bum-deal when she married Dicky. He made promises of love and devotion, but on the day they got married, he dropped his facade of a white knight. And in the year since, he has been unloving and cruel. He insults her at every turn; has cut her off from society and those she loves. A...
Punya Reviews...
Punya Reviews... rated it 9 years ago
My review contains spoilers and they're mostly my thoughts as I went with the book. This one's got 4 parts.Read 1st few chps, the starting is kinda odd. I hated the husband, the earl but Christiana is also odd, so are her sisters Suzette and Lisa. I know, I've read such plots from Lynsay Sands befo...
SoBe rated it 9 years ago
Like most of her historicals , this was another cute and fun read....the only downsides are an easy to figure out villain and a minor irritation with the heroine of the next book in the series ( though I am looking forward the the last book in the trilogy). I generally like her medievals a bit more...
Between the Pages
Between the Pages rated it 9 years ago
Married life hasn't been what Christiana expected of it. Her husband, Dicky, was really sweet during their short courtship but after the vowels were exchanged that all went away. So after he drops dead, Christiana doesn't really mind and since one of her sisters needs to find a husband, the sisters ...
What Were You Expecting?
What Were You Expecting? rated it 9 years ago
Sands writes really light-hearted, funny romps. Though The Countess started out rather serious, it wasn't long before the silly side of the story emerged. This is the start of a new trilogy about three sisters with large dowries who must marry to save their family from ruin. I read them out of order...
Kari@ From the TBR Pile
Kari@ From the TBR Pile rated it 9 years ago
I really enjoyed this book. It was charming, sexy, romantic, funny and intriguing. The book has some real laugh out loud moments, which is always a plus for me.
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