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The Deed - Community Reviews back

by Lynsay Sands
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A History Nut's Romantic State of Mind
why does this book have good reviews? I find the "innocence" of the heroin idiotic. and the feelings between the couple unreal. I had trouble reading past 50%. I am still reading it (albeit at a very slow rate) because I really want to see what the hype about. so far I do not see how this book could...
marijaprahin rated it 5 years ago
Boooring!!!!! DNF!
JLC ~ Down The Rabbit Hole ~
JLC ~ Down The Rabbit Hole ~ rated it 6 years ago
I know "to each their own & all", but seriously - so many "uptight" reviews on this one. So maybe this isn't the most historically "correct" read or whatever - go take a history course if you want that. And if anybody, I mean ANYBODY gets "offended" by the humor in this, you seriously need to cons...
crazysp rated it 6 years ago
utterly ridiculous and very insulting... never have i read such a stuuuuupid medieval romance such has this words fail to describe
fr_larsson rated it 6 years ago
Medieval romance, a clueless wive, Emma, petitions the king for more one on one interaction with her husband. As he dies on his way back to her and the king realized that the marriage never was consumated, he promises her to Amaury de Aneford to escape the clutches of her husbands kin. A fun read, a...
Romancekolik rated it 7 years ago
Bu yorum aynı zamanda Romancekolikte yayınlanmıştır.Hikaye kendisinin aman aman güzelliği olmadığı kanısına varan kızımız Emma’nın kralla görüşmek için saraya gelmesi ile başlıyor. Görüşmek için salona çağırılıyor ve kral derdinin ne olduğunu soruyor. Kızımız özel olarak konuşup konuşamayacaklarını ...
Karma♥Bites’s Mercurial Reads
Karma♥Bites’s Mercurial Reads rated it 19 years ago
The bulk of the rating is for the Prologue alone. Re-reading it is enough to get me into a better mood. Otherwise, not one of the best (or even better) HR reads; should be read strictly for casual fun.
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