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The Defiant Hero - Community Reviews back

by Suzanne Brockmann, Carrington MacDuffie
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The Book Gourmet
The Book Gourmet rated it 3 years ago
The story within a story within a story got old the first time around. This time, it was already smelly and shriveled. Is it so hard to keep it simple? The present-time suspense would've been great in itself, the Meg-Nils and Eve-Amy storylines would've kept the pace going until they "united". But n...
Wyvernfriend Reads
Wyvernfriend Reads rated it 7 years ago
Meg Moore is in an almost impossible situation, her mother and daughter are being held hostage in order to ensure that she delivers a man to them, a man who is willing to die. She asks for help from Navy SEAL Lieutenant John Nilsson as she negotiates, knowing that he could help and then she jerks h...
Read Fragment
Read Fragment rated it 7 years ago
This book took some risks, but I can't say I enjoyed the main plot particularly. Most of the romance between hero and heroine was in the past, and their present was an exercise in frustration (Dammnit, Meg, you're not a SEAL, just *trust* the damn man!). I did enjoy Alyssa's background story as we...
Horrorvacui000 rated it 8 years ago
I do like it, but I don't like that so far both books have flashbacks. It's not that they're bad, but I'm fearing the overuse of them as the series goes on.
karenf rated it 8 years ago
Not my favorite in this series. I really didn't like Meg and never warmed up much to Nils. In fact, my favorite part was Eve and the WWII flashbacks This is the first time I've read one of the WWII story lines in this series that had a happy ending and I was glad for it.. It also felt pretty repe...
Woman Reading
Woman Reading rated it 8 years ago
This book took me 10 days to read, that's terrible. The first half of this book was slow. Honestly, I really really did not like Meg. Talk about TSTL, at least for me. If she'd just trusted John from the immediate things would have been a lot more interesting, in my opinion. The constant driving fro...
Leea's Kindle & Coffee Blog
Leea's Kindle & Coffee Blog rated it 8 years ago
3 stars...I can really see why Brockmann has such a following. Parts of this book were wonderful and others just dragged. Again, we have 2 story lines that take place at the same time and we also have another WWII romance.John 'Nils' and MegLet's just get this out there... John is a catch! He's wr...
inconceivably rated it 8 years ago
FANTASTIC side plot with a love story from WWII. Swoon.
Carpe Librum
Carpe Librum rated it 9 years ago
This one grabbed me quick, but then let go. Started out with a bang and then switch to someone else's story, making it distracting. Guess I should get back to it one day as Suzanne Brockmann is one of my favorite romantic-suspense authors.
Everyday Rowena
Everyday Rowena rated it 9 years ago
It's been a very long time since I last re-read this book. It brought back a lot of memories and reminded me how much some of the characters got on my hot damn nerves. In this book, it was mainly Meg, the heroine that I wanted to push over a cliff.For those of you guys who haven't read this series (...
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