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The Demi-Monde: Winter (The Demi-Monde Saga, #) - Community Reviews back

by Rod Rees
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KCPolski rated it 6 years ago
I think this is a good book, but average. I felt the author had set up some items, but never followed through with them. As a result, he never accomplished a great plot. Just average.I especially had a hard time with the character arc of Trixie, but I set aside my disbelief to see where he was go...
Intensely Focused
Intensely Focused rated it 6 years ago
I read about 50 pages and just couldn't get into it. I usually like books that take place half in the real world and half in some kind of VR but this one didn't work for me. It may have just been too cute. It's not the Third Reich it's something that sounds very similar. (The Fourth something or ...
Jessica (HDB)
Jessica (HDB) rated it 6 years ago
Oh The Demi Monde: Winter, what do I say about you first? It's pretty obvious straight away that this is a very lengthy read. I'm a fan of Science Fiction and therefore I'm used to reading books that border on tomes. Still, I'm certain that many people are going to be scared off immediately by the h...
An Excellent Library
An Excellent Library rated it 6 years ago
Ella must enter the Demi-Monde — a virtual world, designed for training troops, in which sentient Dupes (including clones of the world’s most ruthless tyrants) are locked in a continuous civil war — in order to rescue the president’s daughter, who has become trapped inside.“Do you really imagine I w...
Unabridged Chick
Unabridged Chick rated it 7 years ago
This might be my biggest reader-ly booboo as I totally thought this was some kind of steampunk-y novel set during the historical demimonde (late 1800s, France) although to be fair, other than the title, nothing about this book should have lead me to that conclusion. Nope, I own this mistake and for...
That's What She Read
That's What She Read rated it 7 years ago
Ella Thomas is a normal eighteen-year-old, trying to earn money to put herself through college and keep her younger brother out of trouble. When she is offered a job to enter the Demi-Monde and rescue the President’s daughter, she also receives five million reasons to accept the dangerous task. Unfo...
drey's library
drey's library rated it 7 years ago
The Demi-Monde is a virtual world, created with specific parameters to make sure it’s constantly in turmoil. Why, you ask? It’s stated purpose is as a military training ground, and times of turmoil provide an excellent backdrop for said purposes. To perpetuate the turmoil, the Demi-Monde has been se...
Libromancer's Apprentice
Libromancer's Apprentice rated it 8 years ago
Was intrigued and a bit uncertain about the premise of this book, but I absolutely loved it and cannot wait for the rest.
Page Turning Paula
Page Turning Paula rated it 8 years ago
I got this book a few weeks ago and I just finished it the other day. I wont blame it being a slow read on the book completely - there were holidays going on and I had life and work distracting me. Sadly with life being frantic, every time I looked at the book sitting on my bedside table, I sighed. ...
Ageless Pages Reviews
Ageless Pages Reviews rated it 8 years ago
Read This Review & More Like It On My Blog!Ambitious is the word best used to describe this melange of various genres, alternate realities, and mishmash of famous, reviled persons from across history. Rod Rees has indeed created something very unique and quite wonderfully different with The Demi-Mo...
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