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The Exiled Queen - Community Reviews back

by Cinda Williams Chima
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Escaping into My Books
Escaping into My Books rated it 2 years ago
I finally decided to pick up The Demon King and read, as it's been on my to read list for a while now, and maybe the mood was right, but I really, really enjoyed it. And when I finished it, in like 6 hours, I decided to read the rest of the series. So I finished all of them this week. I have not ha...
NerdyBirdie rated it 3 years ago
Great news! The Exiled Queen is much better than The Demon King! This series is so good because I’m finally starting to find elements of fantasy that I haven’t seen in a long time. This series is basically my life line. Of course, just like the last book, the pacing in this was slow. At certain p...
Stranger Things
Stranger Things rated it 4 years ago
Overall this was a great book and an excellent continuation of the series. I love how Raisa's character is developing and I found Han's inner struggles especially interesting. It does well furthering both Han and Raisa's story lines, but I felt the wider story was somewhat at a halt. There was consi...
ashwednesday rated it 5 years ago
”It seems to rain a lot wherever you are,” he said.“I was thinking it was you,” she said loftily. I’m sensing a pattern in this series. Williams Chima likes to start slow doesn’t she?I can’t find it in me to give this a 4, unfortunately, but it isn't a bad 3 either.At the end of The Demon King all r...
waltzy rated it 5 years ago
Definite improvement over the first book; I found their training and school intrigue to be more interesting. The main thing I hated was the love triangle.
Cafekras rated it 6 years ago
الان حس می کنم بهم خیانت شده تقریبا :دیانتظار بهتر از اینو داشتم. من با هزار شوق این کتابو شروع کردم ، چون کتاب قبل برام یه سری توقعات ایجاد کرده بود که این کتاب به زیبایی ویرونش کرد. الان حس اینو دارم که دو تا کتاب کاملی که خوندم فقط مقدمه بوده و اشتیاق خاصی برای شروع جلد سه ندارم که بخواد همین مق...
Wyvernfriend Reads
Wyvernfriend Reads rated it 6 years ago
It did take me a while to get back into what was going on with the story. It was interesting to see Han and Raisa grow and learn where their futures were and come to terms with the consequences of earlier choices. It's an interesting read, the two characters mature a lot during this story and lea...
mattries37315 rated it 6 years ago
In The Exiled Queen, Cinda Williams Chima takes her two main protagonists and the readers away from all they had known before and sent to the neutral city of Oden's Ford. However, the journeys there and their experiences are not without hazard or excitement which keeps the reader very much engaged....
Pitter Patter of Little Thoughts
Pitter Patter of Little Thoughts rated it 6 years ago
The Exiled Queen continues where the first book left off, with both Han and Raisa traveling across the lands to get to the famed academy where they train soldiers and magicians.I couldn't finish this book. I almost can't believe it. It's not a horrible story, it's not as if I utterly loathe it. I go...
Robin’s Reading Rendezvous
Robin’s Reading Rendezvous rated it 6 years ago
Definitely for Fantasy Lovers of all ages.Han and Raisa are both now headed separately to Oden’s Ford for training. Han needs to learn how to harness the power inside him to be able to fulfill the deal he made with the clans. Raisa needs to hide from her mother and a forced marriage she didn’t wan...
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