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The Faceless Ones - Community Reviews back

by Derek Landy
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Awesome Books From Any Genre
Awesome Books From Any Genre rated it 5 years ago
I started reading these series in March 2014, now is August 2014 and I finished book 8. *Starts sobbing* Derek, why? Why would you do this to me? *locks the emotions away in a jar* Okay, so...this is my all time favorite series!! And I'm not kidding. The structure of the story alone is amazing but t...
maarjao rated it 5 years ago
Less fun and darker than the previous books, but the storyline felt more exciting to me and the book harder to put down than I remember from the earlier books. Also, since Valkyrie's starting to grow up, I'm labeling this one as young adult, not a children's book - and I expect the series will be ge...
Ironic Contradictions
Ironic Contradictions rated it 6 years ago
This was a much better Skulduggery Pleasant novel, yet it had its own set of inconsistencies and issues such as plenty of info-dumping/name-dropping. There were perhaps too many characters for this story and, on occasion, Derek Landy lost control of a couple of them. The big problem for me is how De...
Wyvernfriend Reads
Wyvernfriend Reads rated it 6 years ago
I felt kinda lost in this story, I didn't connect enough with the characters and it just left me feeling a bit meh. Skulduggery and Valkyrie investigate the deaths of teleporters and find that they're getting fewer and fewer. It would appear that someone plans to bring the faceless ones back and t...
AnHeC (I'm too fucking busy and vice versa)
Word count: about 70 000Rating: I’ll finish you like a chocolate cheesecake!*The rating is somewhere around 3,75 for this oneOh yeah baby! They bring the sexy back! Stephanie is a teenager now. She’s 14 and it shows ^^ (in a good way). It’s kind of cute to see her so certain of who she is and what i...
A Sea of Stars
A Sea of Stars rated it 7 years ago
3.5 stars.My personal favorite skeleton detective is back - and not quite as snarky as ever. Close enough. For me this series/book is not at all about the plot, because, let's be honest, it's not the greatest plot and even frustrates me sometimes. The Faceless Ones are starting to grate on my nerve...
Saturdays in Books
Saturdays in Books rated it 7 years ago
More of the same in the best possible way. And then even better.
This Bookish Endeavor
This Bookish Endeavor rated it 7 years ago
That ending....WTF?!?!Gaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!
Rrain Reads
Rrain Reads rated it 7 years ago
I can see, in an objective sort of a way, that this is a decent enough series. But even now, three books in, I haven't managed to really connect with any of the characters. I don't feel much of an investment in their successes or failures and, really, don't feel like I know them very well at all.The...
BreakRaven rated it 7 years ago
Derek Landy has officially pulled off a rare feat: he has written three amazing books in a row. Usually, whether it's books, movies, video games or whatever, the third piece either crashes or falls just a bit short of expectations.This one didn't.This book is every bit as amazing as the first two in...
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