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The Filter Bubble: How the New Personalized Web Is Changing What We Read and How We Think - Community Reviews back

by Eli Pariser
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halfmanhalfbook rated it 8 years ago
A very scary book about the hold that large tech companies have over you and your data! Large companies see you as a source of advertising income, and that anything that you thing that you own, they feel that they have a claim on.
DanAllosso rated it 9 years ago
Eli Pariser (of MoveOn.org, which I dimly recall was a relevant site when Bush II was on the throne, but seems to have lost some luster since Obama turned out to be Bush III) writes about the way the internet is becoming personalized, and how that distorts our view of reality. He says, “In polls, a ...
Osho rated it 9 years ago
If anyone has told you recently that the information you want is in "the second link that comes up for X on Google," but it's not, you already know the first part of what Pariser is going to tell you. Much of this book addresses aspects of the issues of filtering, which means monitoring, and how our...
Deb's books
Deb's books rated it 10 years ago
This book includes an index and a notes section. The main part of the book ends on page 243. Much of the book is about personalized search and targeted advertising. Warning people that they aren't all seeing the same results and in the quest for what we like, we are missing much of the important new...
Betsy's Non-Blog
Betsy's Non-Blog rated it 10 years ago
A very important book for anyone who uses the internet. The big providers -- Facebook and Google especially -- filter the content they present to you, without telling you and without your permission. Even if you think you've elected to receive everything. They do it in the name of personalization...
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