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The Haunting of Hill House - Community Reviews back

by Shirley Jackson
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Bookish Blerd
Bookish Blerd rated it 2 months ago
This was creepy and scary without gore or jump scares. It was almost more psychological because there was never a solid presence or any one thing to fear like in a slasher film/book. It's like going into a dark basement alone at night. Logically you know there is nothing there that can harm you, ...
Let's Talk About Books
Let's Talk About Books rated it 3 months ago
Speed read complete! Finished the last stretch this morning. So let's get reviewing. I wasn't entirely sure what to expect from this one. I know a lot of people enjoy Shirley Jackson and recommend this one in particular, but that doesn't mean I'd like it. I did like it though. It had a charm to i...
Familiar Diversions
Familiar Diversions rated it 4 months ago
I'll be brief, since I only just read and reviewed a paper copy of this back in June. David Warner's narration was good, although I occasionally wished that a female narrator had been chosen instead, since he didn't always fit Eleanor and Theodora very well. From the look of things, both Audible an...
Char's Horror Corner
Char's Horror Corner rated it 4 months ago
There's nothing more I can say about this book that hasn't been said by hundreds, if not thousands, of other readers and critics. It's a classic for a reason. A haunted house story to beat all haunted house stories, with the added bonus of Shirley Jackson's sublime prose. As an example I submit t...
Kell's Reading Realm
Kell's Reading Realm rated it 4 months ago
I got the audio version from my library. So far it has me hooked. I didn't want to get out of my car this morning to go into work... I rarely want to do that anyway, but more so now that I was listening to this. :) This would fit multiple bingo squares, but I think I will be using it for my Genre:...
WhiskeyintheJar Romance
WhiskeyintheJar Romance rated it 4 months ago
it might not then be too fanciful to say that some houses are born bad. Apparently, I do think it is too fanciful because I felt this book was way more of this, “I think we are only afraid of ourselves,” the doctor said slowly. “No,” Luke said. “Of seeing ourselves clearly and without disguise....
Moonlight Reader
Moonlight Reader rated it 5 months ago
Whiskey, don't open this post/read this until you finish. This is was a reread for me. My first review can be found here. For this read, I knew how the book ended, so the shocking sense of bewildered confusion, the "what the hell just happened, I need to reread this a few more times," didn't dis...
Familiar Diversions
Familiar Diversions rated it 8 months ago
Dr. Montague is an occult scholar who believes that he has found in Hill House the perfect place to document and study paranormal activity. He plans to stay there for several months with a few other people, keeping detailed notes about his findings and experiences. He is asked to have Luke, the heir...
My Never Ending List
My Never Ending List rated it 1 year ago
I thought this novel was different. It left me wanting for more. I wanted their time inside the mansion to be longer, I wanted more information and details and I wanted to know what happened to the characters as they left. I liked how the story developed and the characters, there wasn’t much deviati...
Moonlit Pages
Moonlit Pages rated it 1 year ago
I did not enjoy this book as much as I hoped I would. In fact I barely enjoyed it at all. I hated the writing style and found it hard to follow. Frequently I found myself thinking "What the heck does that mean?....huh? what are they talking about?" The characters were unlikeable and the dialogue wa...
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