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The Historian - Community Reviews back

by Elizabeth Kostova
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Khanh the Killjoy
Khanh the Killjoy rated it 5 years ago
January 3, 2014 Dear Khanh of 2006, I am your older, wiser self. Many things will happen in the years that have elapsed before you become the me of today. You will fall in love. You will break hearts. You will get your heart broken (karma's a bitch). You will change jobs. You will graduate from co...
The English Student
The English Student rated it 5 years ago
As far as I can tell, there's nothing actually wrong with Finding Camlann. It's well written, the characters are well-developed and believable, it's set in Oxford and it's (sort of) about King Arthur. It follows Donald Gladstone, archaeologist, and Julia Llewellyn, employee of the Oxford English Dic...
Lisa (Harmony)
Lisa (Harmony) rated it 5 years ago
The first time I tackled it I gave up quickly--finding this a bore. The opinions of friends who have read this novel have been mixed. I know some that think it a great, literate read. Giving this a second try I can understand that. The descriptions of different locations from Amsterdam to Istanbul, ...
Wyvernfriend Reads
Wyvernfriend Reads rated it 5 years ago
Interesting addition to the vampire myth. Dracula myths are capturing three generations of historians but people keep dying or appearing with strange wounds.
Book Life is Real Life
Book Life is Real Life rated it 6 years ago
The Historian gave an old story a new twist. It's a long-long-long narrative about vampire hunting. Not just a vampire, but the vampire--Count Vlad of the Order of the Dragon (aka Dracula).First, a little bit of summary. A lady (which remained nameless all through the book) recaptured a chapter in h...
Get Lost in the Stacks
Get Lost in the Stacks rated it 6 years ago
I'd give this really a 2.9 because there were elements I liked about the book. I liked the historical aspect and the mystery aspect but fantasy/science fiction of Dracula still being alive? Give me a break... Its so far fetched. Plus the switching between four different voices at times was really ha...
florinda3rs rated it 6 years ago
Elizabeth Kostova’s first novel can’t be faulted for ambitious reach. An unnamed girl’s search for her missing father brings her to discover his own similar quest, decades earlier, to unearth the truth behind his mentor’s mysterious disappearance...and all of it leads to Dracula. It’s an intriguing ...
Laurie London, Author
Laurie London, Author rated it 6 years ago
Listened to this on audio. Wow! Loved it. The narrators were fantastic with all the characters and accents. My favorite was, of course, Dracula. Or, as he said it, Dra-KOOL-ya.
All the Time in the World
All the Time in the World rated it 6 years ago
I had forgotten how much I loved this book. (And am amazed that somehow I never added it to my books here.) In the early 1970's, a young woman finds some old papers and a mysterious book in her father Paul's study; getting up the nerve to ask him about them (she shouldn't have been poking around in...
helenliz rated it 6 years ago
April's book club read. Took me most of April and May to get through, but it was worth it. It's a variation on the Dracula myth, based on the surmise that he is an undead and is still existing in this state. He recruits historians, archivists or librarian to his cause, by intriguing them with a seem...
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