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The Iliad - Community Reviews back

by Homer, Bernard Knox, Robert Fagles
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An Un-Calibrated Centrifuge
An Un-Calibrated Centrifuge rated it 6 years ago
The cover of this book looks like Jewels: A Secret History if you're not paying attention. Which I often wasn't, so I kept grabbing this book when I wanted that one. I spent way too long deciding which translation I would read of The Iliad. Basically just decide if you want prose or poetry and the...
Ernesto Rafael Santana's Book Blog
Ernesto Rafael Santana's Book Blog rated it 7 years ago
Sorprendente, épico... una gran obra clásica. Lo recomiendo, pero si no están familiarizados con el tema lean un poco de Mitología Griega. Sin duda uno de mis favoritos.
Books Less Travelled
Books Less Travelled rated it 8 years ago
Read this for school years ago.
franzischonbach rated it 8 years ago
Zuerst sieht Jamal nur den roten Schal. Doch dann auch die verzweifelte junge Frau, die am Rande der Klippen steht. Er wirft ihr den Schal zu, will sie retten. Aber sie springt. Doch niemand glaubt seine Geschichte, denn vor einigen Jahren sind bereits zwei andere Frauen nach exakt dem gleichen Must...
Books etc.
Books etc. rated it 10 years ago
A really worthy four stars story.I'm not really sure how I wound up reading this book and loving it. Epic battle story with gory details of spears going through the gaps between your armour or straight through it. Sons going down in battle leaving fathers grieving back home. How a large portion of t...
the reader of books
the reader of books rated it 10 years ago
There really isn't anything else to say about the Iliad. It is brutal, infuriating, exciting, and tragic. The introduction by Bernard Knox was excellent.
sarahsar rated it 10 years ago
When I first read The Iliad, I was way too young to fully appreciate it. I understood, of course, the backstory - a spiteful goddess is left off a wedding invitation list, she retaliates by giving the Trojan prince Paris a golden apple to reward to the best-looking goddess (because that can’t go wro...
O! what Man will do fore a Rime!
O! what Man will do fore a Rime! rated it 10 years ago
The majestic king of Troy slipped past the rest and kneeling down beside Achilles, clasped his knees and kissed his hands, those terrible, man-killing hands that had slaughtered Priam's many sons in battle. - Book 24: Achilles and Priam ll. 559-562, p. 604 Warning: Large amounts of spoilers belo...
Lisa (Harmony)
Lisa (Harmony) rated it 10 years ago
I love The Illiad only a little bit less than The Odyssey, the other epic poem attributed to Homer. Together the two works are considered among the oldest surviving works of Western literature, dating to probably the eighth century BCE, and are certainly among the most influential. The Illiad deals ...
D3's Booklog
D3's Booklog rated it 11 years ago
Am I really going to bother reviewing Homer’s _Iliad_? I mean, what am I going to say that hasn’t been said by generations of scholars, reviewers or readers? Does another drop in the ocean matter? Well, even if it doesn’t I’ll give it a go I guess. Reading the _Iliad_ was mostly done by me as a corr...
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