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The Innocent Man - Community Reviews back

by John Grisham
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TheBookDisciple rated it 3 years ago
Link to full review below! Good, but struggled to stay focused and got very tangental at times, distracting the reader from the main case of the story. See full review on The Book Disciple
bestwineforlast rated it 7 years ago
Great book, as usual, from Mr. Grisham. It took me longer than normal to read it; I had a lot going on in my life at the time. My son read it and enjoyed it as well, in fact, he liked it so much, that it made a Grisham fan of him and bought more of Mr. Grisham's books.
Timmeloche rated it 8 years ago
The best Grisham novel in years. As a criminal defense myself, I am interested in reading of miscarriages of justice. My father in law on the other hand is a retired police officer and he simply found the book to be distasteful. In my practice I have found that most people do not believe that peopl...
SandyQ rated it 9 years ago
If you have any illusions about the criminal justice system and want to keep them, don't read this book.Grisham writes a compelling story. His legal background provides him with the knowledge to understand the legal complexities, his writing skills enable him to weave all the details together into ...
cczarneckikernus rated it 11 years ago
a used book selection. I don't really read alot of Grisham, but thought that its description of a true-to-life that reads like a novel sounded interesting like, In Cold Blood?Nope.
Par Lance
Par Lance rated it 11 years ago
A valuable exposéBy now, there is no excuse for starting to read this book believing that it is written to Grisham's usual formula. This is not a brilliantly written legal thriller. It is an excellent piece of investigative journalism, and it is very clear that John Grisham has invested a huge amoun...
The Drift Of Things
The Drift Of Things rated it 12 years ago
I'm glad Grisham told this story, as it's important to expose the flaws in our system and what was done to this man. I did find it a little hard to get through, just because of the way it was written.You should read it anyway, or at least scan it.
Kaethe rated it 13 years ago
Turow takes time and effort to demonstrate just how it is possible for someone to be convicting of a murder he didn't commit. This, along with Trial by Fire should lay to rest any notions of the efficacy of our justice system, let alone the death penalty.
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