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The Knife of Never Letting Go - Community Reviews back

by Patrick Ness
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XOX rated it 3 weeks ago
Todd lives in a world where everyone could hear what everyone is thinking. It is the NOISE. Even animals speaking. He got a dog that only think Todd and pooh and food. Then he met someone who is silence, and she is a girl. He is almost 13 and then he become a man. His life is turned upside...
Defenestraethe rated it 3 years ago
October 29, 2010The only problem I had with this book was Todd's way of talking. (I don't think first-person books should be written in dialect, because our way of talking always sounds both natural and neutral to us. It only sounds like dialect to other people.) Other than that, I loved it. The ver...
Manga Maniac Cafe
Manga Maniac Cafe rated it 3 years ago
3 starsGreat premise, but I had a problem with some of the details. I hated what happened to Manchee, and almost stopped reading at that point. Also, really Ben? This book relied on that most annoying trope in YA fiction. There's the We've been keeping a big secret from you, but every time ther...
VictoriaNickers rated it 4 years ago
The first two chapters were brutal to get through. I had picked up this book and put it down on several occasions before I actually read it. It did get much better after that. Having read 'The Gunslinger' by Stephen ruined this book for me. It has almost the same premise and flow. There were a lot o...
Pursuing the White Whale
Pursuing the White Whale rated it 4 years ago
"The Knife of Never Letting Go" by Patrick Ness is the first book in the "Chaos Walking" trilogy. In Prentisstown woman are absence, claimed to have perished by the same virus that caused all of the men, and even animals, to hear each others thoughts and even see memories. The constant noise of th...
My Books
My Books rated it 4 years ago
This is a good book , it was frustrating in times but I got it in the end, and poor Manchee noooo...
YA Fanatic
YA Fanatic rated it 4 years ago
I've only read one other Patrick Ness book, A Monster Calls and I really loved that one so I had high hopes for this book. To be honest I hated it most of the first half. The characters came off obnoxious and the plot-line was just weird for me, I mean talking dogs? But it grew on me, the narrator r...
Escaping into My Books
Escaping into My Books rated it 4 years ago
Sigh. I need to stop starting new series book. They will end me. I have kind of eyed this book for a while, and almost bought it several times, but one day I had a coupon and a dream...so I got it. And it was an interesting experience. Really. A strange book. The story begins with Todd, not too ...
pseudolibrary rated it 5 years ago
Reminded me a little of Ender's Game and a typical Star Trek away mission wrapped up in a coming of age series. The dog talking reminded me way too much of Up (the Disney movie). I can still hear "Poo, Todd?" in the back of my head. Thanks Patrick Ness. Thank you very much It's a great quick read an...
XLeptodactylous rated it 5 years ago
Trainspotting for virgins.
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