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The Little Mermaid - Community Reviews back

by Hans Christian Andersen
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Ivana - Diary Of Difference
Ivana - Diary Of Difference rated it 1 year ago
Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest I grew up with Disney movies and my favourite one was the one with the mermaid that has long red hair, and I loved her love story, and also enjoyed watching the rest of the movie series that followed years later.And while loving Ariel for so long, ...
mashahsam rated it 4 years ago
Bashara Likes Books
Bashara Likes Books rated it 7 years ago
This review is for the picture book version Illustrated by Lisbeth Zwerger.Text okay, illustrations not to my liking. I highly recommend the version illustrated by Charles Santore which is, so far, my absolute favorite picture book version of this tale.
Ana V.
Ana V. rated it 7 years ago
Weren't we all girls mesmerized at how beautiful to be a mermaid was? Weren't we all secretly wishing one day we would wash up on the shore and someone (not just anyone though, had to be a handsome prince) would take our hands and say "it's okay, dear girl, I'm here for you now"? Weren't we all just...
Affairs of M/Men
Affairs of M/Men rated it 7 years ago
Someone told me this: "Do you know Andersen wrote it as a gay love letter to his friend, when the latter got engaged. Andersen told him of his feelings, but the friend rejected him, so the poor guy wrote this story as a metaphor for his desire." I'm eager to reread it from this perspective.
Elizziebooks rated it 8 years ago
Review coming soon!
Rhin rated it 8 years ago
I think I'm going to stick with the happy Disney Movie, rather than this book... Even though it can definitely be argued that it is not an unhappy ending.
Yona's Book World
Yona's Book World rated it 9 years ago
Really really nice story :):):)
Allusion is not Illusion
Allusion is not Illusion rated it 9 years ago
I wouldn't go so far as to say I disliked Zwerger's illustrations, but neither did I feel they added anything to the text, which often went on for one or two pages with just words (and the occasional sentence highlighted in another color that was hardly noticeable in indirect light). It felt more li...
Bashara Likes Books
Bashara Likes Books rated it 10 years ago
This review for the picture book version illustrated by Charles SantoreIt would be hard to convince me that this isn't the most perfect illustrated version of The Little Mermaid ever. It is everything I could have ever hoped and imagined for this beautiful and tragic tale. The text is taken from a...
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