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The Long Halloween. Jeph Loeb, Writer - Community Reviews back

by Jeph Loeb
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CDRBill rated it 12 months ago
Great story and amazing art work! A must read for any Batman fan.
pseudolibrary rated it 5 years ago
There's a fascinating interview with Nolan inside the front cover. I agree with Nolan's sentiment that the creation of Two Face is inseparable from the evolution of Batman, who's constantly on the bleeding edge of justice. I like the brief cameos of Scarecrow and the Mad Hatter. Joker gets his bazil...
Ronyell (a.k.a Rabbitearsblog)
Ronyell (a.k.a Rabbitearsblog) rated it 6 years ago
Genre: Superhero / Action / Adventure Year Published: 1996 Year Read: 2013 Series: Batman Publisher: DC Comics The Origins of Harvey Dent has begun! Introduction: Now, I have been reading many Batman comics whose stories dealt with Batman defeating one of his greatest foes, the Joke...
yahyaahmadi rated it 7 years ago
The best comic I've ever read (not that I've read many, but it had all the qualities I seek in a comic book: fantastic artwork; good dialogue; and simple but interesting story.The only flaw in this amazing book was the use of too many twists, which in comparison to the overall quality of the work, c...
The Good Times Are Killing Me
The Good Times Are Killing Me rated it 7 years ago
Amazing story. And the graphics... I wanted to tear the comic apart and put the pages on my wall. This is by far the best batman comic I've come across.
Ben Linus' adventures in Wonderland
What a great story! This comic is awesome from the title to the last page. The phrase "long halloween" caught my atention from the very first time and it summarizes the whole story. In this comic you'll find a presentation of almost every villain in the Batman universe. Clues to the Holiday's identi...
Exploring by Starlight
Exploring by Starlight rated it 8 years ago
There's one thing that I detest about graphic novels: THEY'RE SO DAMN EXPENSIVE! Also, the shop where I buy graphic novels (because they have good discounts) is 12 miles away from me, so I don't get to buy them for cheap very often (hopefully I'll be able to get my friends to journey that far so I c...
Sesana rated it 8 years ago
The Long Halloween is a follow-up to Year One, written by Jeph Loeb because Frank Miller had no apparent interest in doing so. (After having read All-Star Batman and Robin, I think that's a good thing.) It essentially picks up right where Year One left off. Batman is still kind of new to all of this...
The Book Lantern
The Book Lantern rated it 8 years ago
A really interesting crime-noir approach to my favourite superhero (he's so much cooler than Superman, don't deny it), one that's much more effective than anything Frank Miller's done in the last 10 years. Harvey's mental descent and eventual transformation into Two-Face is particularly fascinating....
Readundant rated it 9 years ago
So good I read it in one sitting. At Barnes & Noble. Sorry, Jeph and Tim.
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