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The Mage in Black - Community Reviews back

by Jaye Wells, Cynthia Holloway
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Nocturnal Predators Reviews
Nocturnal Predators Reviews rated it 4 years ago
This book was a tad bit disappointing if I'm being honest. I got the rug swept from under me so many times that by the end I was just too numb to everything. Also the climax (the answer to almost every single problem) in this story was so anticlimactic. Sabina was rolling with the punches since ...
Nitchslap'd rated it 6 years ago
It wasn't as good as the first. I may still be grudging about the apple issue and so it's sucked a little of the enthusiasm I had. Truths: I know I read this but I don't remember what all happened. She meets her sister...things happened...there was a girl demon.....she Drunk in Loves (I was going to...
Jackie's Booklikes
Jackie's Booklikes rated it 7 years ago
Now that Sabina Kane agrees to follow Adam to New York to meet her twin Sister Maisie, she also learns a white Owl named Stryx is following her.There were many times she had to fight off an attacker and The Mage in Black was more of an action adventure except Adam no sooner gets back home when he ha...
Kim's Booklife
Kim's Booklife rated it 7 years ago
This one wasn't as good as the first one. It was alright, but I just didn't connect with it as much as I wanted to. Sabina was trying to learn magic through her mage side and at the same time kept being all "Magic is ridiculous. I reject all your prophecies." I just wanted her to either commit to th...
Rachel's books
Rachel's books rated it 7 years ago
Another good one. Sabina runs into an old "friend" from her assassin days. When Slade was first introduced, my first thought was, "shit, not a love triangle!" Big sigh of relief! Since Adam was gone on a trip for the council, no love triangle here! Sabina was free to (kinda) figure out what she...
Amanda Shofner
Amanda Shofner rated it 8 years ago
Sabina is back! Back in black! Okay. That was lame of me for going there. I'm sorry. I was a little hesitant going into this book because...it's the second book. Second books freak me out a little: they're the realization (or failure) of the potential in the first book. Given that I loved Red-Headed...
Life of a bookworm
Life of a bookworm rated it 8 years ago
3 stars
mlsimmons rated it 8 years ago
I really enjoy this series. Not sure it took me so long to find it. The good thing about starting late in a series, you don't have to wate until the next book comes out. I finished this one tonight, I'll start the next one tomorrow.
La Crimson Femme
La Crimson Femme rated it 8 years ago
Sabina is now off to meet her twin, Maisie. Unlike Sabina, Maisie in New York is raised like a princess. She owns the nicest things and she's been raised in a loving family. Evil twin, good twin much?Sabina is seriously off her game. She's been exiled more or less by her vampire society. Her mo...
My slice of heaven
My slice of heaven rated it 8 years ago
I really enjoyed reading this book again. It was fast paced, full of drama from the start, romance and sexy hotness and ofc a bit of heartbreak.I'm not sure i like Adam that much. I hope another comes along and sweeps her off her feet.
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