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The Man Who Was Thursday: A Nightmare (paper) - Community Reviews back

by G.K. Chesterton
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Reflections rated it 4 years ago
I really enjoyed this, but couldn't begin to explain it. It's sort of like an appealing but absurd poem with religious and philosophical undertones.
Shelf Indulgence
Shelf Indulgence rated it 5 years ago
Some 20 years ago, I went to a "Haunted Trail" on Halloween. This was a thing I used to do on Halloween, and I went with a few friends of mine, as I usually did. It was fun and frightening and enticing, as a good haunted trail should be, but then, at the end of said trail, we were treated to a ten...
Reading Slothfully
Reading Slothfully rated it 5 years ago
Slacktivist, aka Fred Clark said I should read this, and so I have. Were I able to give this +s and -s, I'd rate it 4*-, which means it was a pretty good book. Some of my problems with it might be that I didn't understand its deeper meanings. It's likely allegorical or symbolic or something. The sto...
Proctosophy rated it 6 years ago
This review will be kind of a complaint. I've wanted to read Chesterton for awhile, being interested in his Catholicism and in his reputed brilliance. Brilliant he certainly is, and the start of this book really grabbed me, opening like the kind of breakneck-paced adventure novel that Jules Verne m...
Book Ramblings
Book Ramblings rated it 6 years ago
I finished this book on Thursday September 26, 2013. Coincidence? Fortuitous? Ironic? Or just plain irrelevant?I went into this book without any inkling of what it is about . All I know is that it is by [a:G.K. Chesterton|7014283|G.K. Chesterton|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/authors/136586064...
Seriously, Read a Book!
Seriously, Read a Book! rated it 6 years ago
Note to self: Never assume that a group of anarchists will be well organized. I just couldn't get into the cadence of this- it almost reminded me of Ionesco at times, and Sleepy Hollow at its best.
REALJimBob rated it 6 years ago
Another one from the Waterstones London books display that Louise and I bought too many books from (I keep thinking I've read them all then I find another one in one of my many piles of unread books), The Man Who Was Thursday: A Nightmare. This introduction begins with the warning: "First-time reade...
Marvin's Bookish Blog
Marvin's Bookish Blog rated it 6 years ago
Do you understand," said the other, "that this is a tragedy?" "Perfectly" replied Syme; "always be a comic in a tragedy. What the deuce else can you do."If any line holds the clue to understanding The Man Who Was Thursday. this is the one. Chesterton's analogy about anarchy vs. law, or even chaos vs...
heidenkind rated it 7 years ago
Incredible novel! Funny and clever and surreal. Definitely recommend it.
Ironic Contradictions
Ironic Contradictions rated it 7 years ago
The Man Who Was Thursday is my first venture into the writing of G.K. Chesterton having discovered the existence of this writer earlier in the year. Of course the first I heard of him was in reference to his Father Brown stories, one volume of which I have on my to read stack. I then heard that his ...
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