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The Mistress Files - Community Reviews back

by Tiffany Reisz
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Rosalinda rated it 7 years ago
FIVE I-want-Nora-Sutherlin STARS!!! THIS BOOK! MADRE MIA, THIS BOOK!!! Ok guys, let me start this review asking you for something…Yes, I need punishment because I sinned. Why did I sin? Oh well, because I am a Sinner and because I enjoyed this book way too much. Candace told us in her review she ha...
My drug of choice
My drug of choice rated it 7 years ago
**5 Amazing KINKY Stars**
Ideklinz Reads It
Ideklinz Reads It rated it 7 years ago
I liked the files....especially the second to last one...oh yes please :) is it July 30th yet?! I need the final book already!!!!
leaning on the side of wonder
leaning on the side of wonder rated it 7 years ago
Fun addition to the Original Sinners world. Steamy & well-written, and adds some nice details to the overall characters & storylines within the main series.
Books with Beers
Books with Beers rated it 7 years ago
Review to come
willaful rated it 7 years ago
Sharp, funny erotic tales from the Dominatrix career of the main character of [b:The Siren|16388522|The Siren (The Original Sinners, #1)|Tiffany Reisz|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1356206379s/16388522.jpg|15888570] and its sequels. There are hints about her background, but I think it would stand alo...
Library Liz·ard
Library Liz·ard rated it 7 years ago
Fantastic new adventures with Miss Nora!
Sanny rated it 7 years ago
Love, love, LOVE.Really, what’s left to say? I can only continue to applaud the utter brilliance that is Tiffany Reisz.In Nora she created my absolute favorite female character, there’s no other female character that comes even close. She’s definitely one of those characters that you wish would actu...
isabel rated it 7 years ago
Nora is the most powerful woman that I ever read about!!!! She's beautiful, funny, dominant, but, most of all, she is absolutely sure of herself, and that's what gives her all the power and confidence!!!This book is fantastic!!! Tiffany you're brilliant!!!
fishgirl182 rated it 7 years ago
I hate to give this collection such a low rating. I am a really big fan of The Original Sinners series and was looking forward to The Mistress Files. While it was entertaining, there was just something missing from these stories that I can't put my finger on. Maybe I just have high standards after r...
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