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The Moonstone - Community Reviews back

by Joy Connolly, Wilkie Collins
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Musings/Träumereien/Devaneios rated it 9 months ago
(Original Review, 1981-01-28)The instant my eyes rested on her, I was struck by the rare beauty of her form, and by the unaffected grace of her attitude. Her figure was tall, yet not too tall; comely and well-developed, yet not fat; her head set on her shoulders with an easy, pliant firmness; her wa...
Portable Monsters
Portable Monsters rated it 11 months ago
Because I read somewhere that The Moonstone was the first detective mystery novel, and because I’ve read very few mysteries not written in the last 50 years or so, I expected a different sort of book. I was looking for an early Poirot or Sherlock Holmes, and instead found it more like a romance with...
Murder by Death
Murder by Death rated it 2 years ago
What can I say other than the book is worth the hype? I wasn't sure at the start; I listened to the audiobook version - which was excellently done - and Gabriel Betteredge's opening narrative is... trying. I loved his character the best and the narrator who played his part played it to the hilt...
BrokenTune rated it 2 years ago
There stood Miss Rachel at the table, like a person fascinated, with the Colonel's unlucky Diamond in her hand. There, on either side of her, knelt the two Bouncers, devouring the jewel with their eyes, and screaming with ecstasy every time it flashed on them in a new light. There, at the opposite s...
Aren's Library
Aren's Library rated it 2 years ago
Good read, rather fascinating.
Philosophical Musings of a Book Nerd
I had no idea that this book existed until my bookclub decided to make it the book of the month. In fact I had never heard of Wilkie Collins until this book was mentioned in passing. As it turns out (or at least according to some of the members of my bookclub) Wilkie lived under the shadow of Charle...
mattries37315 rated it 3 years ago
The worst of all events occurs at a young woman’s birthday party, it is neither murder nor theft but scandal! While Victorian readers might have seen the stunning narrative of The Moonstone in those terms, Wilkie Collins’ classic to us today is one of the first detective novels that paved the way f...
C. P. Lesley
C. P. Lesley rated it 4 years ago
The first—and in some ways still the best—detective novel written in English, The Moonstone uses shifting first-person points of view, each one distinct, to trace the tangled history of a jewel of great price. Unlike much nineteenth-century literature, this is an rapidly moving, compelling tale, dis...
Listening to the Silence
Listening to the Silence rated it 4 years ago
I did not finish this book. I have had it from the library for 10 weeks and have tried both the print and audio version. The story moves really slowly and is told from various points of view several years after the events. The plot itself revolves around the theft of a famous and cursed diamond afte...
A Man With A Spooky Agenda
A Man With A Spooky Agenda rated it 4 years ago
Unlike other books featured on 'Wishbone', this episode did not stick with me at all other than some detective snooping and drawing room gasps. As a result, the plot of 'The Moonstone' was entirely fresh and I enjoyed it a lot. From other reviews I expected a great deal more repetition and a great d...
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