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The Night Circus - Community Reviews back

by Erin Morgenstern, Jim Dale
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YA Fantasy - K.A. Wiggins
YA Fantasy - K.A. Wiggins rated it 2 months ago
I feel under-equipped to comment on this. It's literary fiction with a fantasy heart. It's a beautiful and broken and even horrific meditation on truth and life and love and meaning. It's boundary-breaking meta commentary. It shatters rules around tense and voice and relatable characters and a hero'...
Let the Adventure begin!
Let the Adventure begin! rated it 4 months ago
Oh how I love love loved this book! Granted it took me forever to read it but it was so good! The wording was sometimes hard to follow but overall, very exceptional!
Living for the Books
Living for the Books rated it 6 months ago
Wow it took me nearly two years to finish this book and I'm actually not entirely sure why. It probably had a lot to do with the pace of the plot, but the rest of the book was very well crafted.The plot for this could not have been slower. From the beginning to about the middle of the book every tim...
mattries37315 rated it 8 months ago
A monochromatic festival of wonder and intrigue suddenly appears in your town and you can’t wait until the sun goes down to explore it. The Night Circus is a wondrous, fantastic journey into magic, romance, and the consequences of both. Author Erin Morgenstern brought forth engaging characters and...
Books & Chocolate
Books & Chocolate rated it 10 months ago
The first thing that drew me to The Night Circus was the cover. I just love everything about it. But, that was also the reason I was hesitant to read it. When I love a cover, I want to love the story just as much. When I don't, it kills my cover-love. I didn't want to be turned off this cover. But, ...
Shiftyj1 rated it 1 year ago
A smart and engaging Gaiman-esque tale of love, competition, magic and a circus that only opens at night. I thought this one was very good and flirted with a chance to be truly extraordinary, but fell a little short character development and backstory wise. P.S. If you haven’t already, DO NOT read ...
Obsidian Blue
Obsidian Blue rated it 1 year ago
Please note that I gave this book 1.5 stars and rounded it up to 2 stars on Goodreads.I always feel out of step withe everyone after I read a book that has been almost universally raved and I can't stand it. I loved the cover, the premise, this whole book sounded right up my alley. And then I starte...
Read All The Things! Reviews
Read All The Things! Reviews rated it 1 year ago
On the surface, The Night Circus seems like a book I’d love. It’s got some magic, a historical setting, a nonlinear structure, beautiful writing, and is heavy on description. But, is it possible to have too much of a good thing? Seriously, if I have to read one more long-winded description of a ci...
drallapaul rated it 1 year ago
This romantic fantasy tale is well worth a look, reminding me a bit of "Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell" in that it deals with magic in a historical era. A challenge is set between two users of magic and this results in the creation of the Night Circus and the impact this has on the general public and...
The Master's Nook
The Master's Nook rated it 2 years ago
OHHMYYYGOOOSSSHHHH!!!!!******with teary eyes****** I can’t explain how I’m feeling right now. I don’t know….guh I must admit, this book is not my usual type in books. I’ve never been to a circus nor interested in going to one. But now after reading this I’m considering doing so. This book changed my...
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