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The Parting Glass - Community Reviews back

by Josh Lanyon
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...Bookfanatic rated it 6 years ago
and he wrote a story, actually he's written several but let's just focus on this one for now. His name was Josh Lanyon and the story was called 'In a Dark Wood' it was short about 40ish pages, it was excellent, it was about 2 men who went on a camping date that turned into the date from hell and it ...
Romance Reader (and Writer)
Romance Reader (and Writer) rated it 6 years ago
This one concentrated more on the relationship between Tim and Luke than the first and the heartbreak they've been through since the last one. It's been two and a half years and a lot of stuff has happened in that time; some good, some bad. I wanted to throw my computer several times throughout th...
kathleenlcharles rated it 6 years ago
Very short but heartfeltI'm not a fan of short stories, but the incredibly talented Josh Lanyon can successfully cram an entire gut-wrenching romance into very few pages. This story was tough to read as Tim's "monsters" haunt my own family. Thankfully, the topic was handled honesty, openly, and res...
Snowtulip's Corner of the World
Snowtulip's Corner of the World rated it 7 years ago
I loved the first book in the series, so was hoping that this would be just as good. The two books are very different from each other, but still stay true to the characters.There is a bittersweet air throughout this story that is consistent with Tim's past and present struggles with self worth. I ap...
Trix rated it 7 years ago
This was definitely much better than the first novel. Somewhere between 4 and 4.5 stars for this. [spoiler] I connected emotionally with Tim and it was easy to understand his anxiety at meeting Luke. I found it natural that Tim would distort the memory of their relationship while he had been dri...
Reader's Discretion Advised
Reader's Discretion Advised rated it 7 years ago
First thought: Dude, Lanyon sure writes a lot of these "returning after many many years, many many tears, to reopen old wounds and displace the New Guy" type stories. Which I won't spoiler-hide because it's within the first 10 pages.And addiction. He writes a lot about addiction. I rather liked it. ...
~WhimsyLibrarian~ rated it 7 years ago
This book was fantastic. A really sizzling, hot read. If you do not like erotica content. Don't read this book. :P I think what made the scenes even better is the chemistry between the two characters. The past, the fights, everything that leads them up until the end----was just very well written. Th...
Tami rated it 7 years ago
I did a quick re-read of the first installment "In a dark wood", a short novella I very much liked. It was creepy and funny at the same time, bittersweet and hot. And this one was a worthy sequel. It picks up a few years after the events of the first part. Luke and Tim haven't made it as a couple ...
blub rated it 7 years ago
Continuation to "In a Dark Wood". This story takes place 2 years after that. Tim is back in New York for Rob's wedding and on a night out to a friends concert he has a run in with Luke and his now boyfriend, Jeff. The feelings between them are still as explosive as they were 2 years prior. Both hav...
Ami's Hoard
Ami's Hoard rated it 7 years ago
Just quick recap of In A Dark Wood: Travel writer Timothy McShay met NYPD Detective Luke O'Brien at his best friend's dinner party. Tim told Luke story about skullhouse in the wood, The Pine Barrens, and The Forester who are like Boogeymen and grabbed kids. Then Luke asked Tim to go camping to the w...
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