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The Prophet - Community Reviews back

by Kahlil Gibran
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BrokenTune rated it 3 weeks ago
Sure there are a few beautiful passages in this, but on the whole, this book irritated me on so many levels. Not for me.
amberlynnejentink rated it 6 months ago
Short stories about life told by a wise man to people of a city as he is about to leave for another city.
Haidji - Books...and...Books!
Haidji - Books...and...Books! rated it 3 years ago
If you have ever questioned time, life, freedom, pain, friendship, love, marriage or pleasure I recommend this book.The lessons in this book can positively impact your life. Very simply written, this book speaks to everyone.
Books 'n Stuff
Books 'n Stuff rated it 3 years ago
Synopsis: A holy man of some sort, due to depart on a boat shortly, dispenses wisdom to townsfolk gathered to see him off on topics such as love, religion, beauty, and death among others. This is Kahlil Gibran's best known work, and despite being so short (readable in about 1 - 2 hours) its very i...
ReneePaule rated it 4 years ago
I find it impossible to add words to this masterpiece of wisdom and insight. Highly recommended and thought provoking.
LondaLocs rated it 5 years ago
Inspiring, comforting, beautiful.I sometimes try and include a favorite quote when I review a book, but that would be almost impossible with this one. The entire work is quotable. I am so glad I stumbled upon this tonight. (thanks insomnia) I recommend it to any and everyone. Goodreads has provided...
Edward rated it 6 years ago
Introduction--The Prophet
Emad Attely [The Book Nerd]
Emad Attely [The Book Nerd] rated it 6 years ago
بكل صدق،باعتقادي ان هذا العمل يجب ان يُدَرَّس للشباب في المدارس و الجامعات لما يحمله من معانٍ إنسانية راقية ترتفع بالأخلاق.هو كتاب كبير، يحمل خلاصة تجربة جبران الإنسانية في هذه الحياة. ويعرضها بطريقةٍ آسِرة. حيث يتجول بنا كاتبه في أعماق القلب، فيفتح أمامنا أبواب الغيب ويُسَلّمُنا مفاتيح الروح. هو بل...
Murder by Death
Murder by Death rated it 6 years ago
20 years ago my sister passed away and a professor at my university handed me this book to read "On Joy and Sorrow". That poem (verse?) stayed with me for the next 20 years until I finally tracked it down to this book. The message in "On Joy and Sorrow" is one I've tried to pass on to a friend or ...
KuntuZangmo rated it 7 years ago
It really didn't impress me.
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