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The Red Tent: Picador USA Reading Group Guides - Community Reviews back

by Anita Diamant
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Books & Chocolate
Books & Chocolate rated it 3 years ago
I'm not very familiar with the original Bible stories that The Red Tent is based on. After reading a few other reviews, it seems many who are familiar feel this was a big departure from the 'true' stories. I didn't read this for an accurate retelling of a Bible story, so I have no opinion on the acc...
Angel's Book Reviews 2.0
Angel's Book Reviews 2.0 rated it 5 years ago
65. THE RED TENT, BY ANITA DIAMANTRecommended by Trisha Cook, on Goodreads. I am not very well versed in biblical knowledge, most of what I know I got by osmosis from books, movies, and other people, and that was probably a factor in my reading. The only thing I know about the famous rape of Dinah w...
mollysmommyreads rated it 5 years ago
I was told years ago that I needed to read this book but I never got around to it until I finally picked it up to work on completing the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge. Oh my gosh, this book was amazing! I read it in less than a day because I could barely stand to put it down. It also brought a new ...
In Love of Books and Friendship
In Love of Books and Friendship rated it 5 years ago
A biblical tale and fictional account based on the story of Dinah from Genesis. The only daughter born to Jacob and Leah (first wife) of the Old Testament is narrated in the voice of Dinah through the stories of her mother and aunts. Dinah grows up in The Red Tent where the women of Jacob gather ...
Chris Blocker
Chris Blocker rated it 6 years ago
My wifey read this novel a couple years back and loved it. Being the wonderful, thoughtful, sacrificial, and humble husband I am, I decided I should read it too. Not that my reading it scored me any points: while trying to talk to my spouse about why I thought it was “just okay,” she defended the bo...
All about me
All about me rated it 6 years ago
I really enjoyed this book. Made me feel special for being able to menstruate!
Lisa (Harmony)
Lisa (Harmony) rated it 7 years ago
This is the story of Dinah, a figure out of the Bible. She was the sister of Joseph and Jacob's only daughter. As Dinah says in the prologue, she has been largely forgotten and "on those occasions when I was remembered, it was as a victim. Near the beginning of your holy book, there is a passage tha...
Wyvernfriend Reads
Wyvernfriend Reads rated it 7 years ago
An interesting read. The red tent is the menstrual tent of biblical times, but this is just before Judiasm proper, you can see it's roots starting but the women still worship their own Gods. Focusing on Dinah this is her story and her mothers' story.
Caffeine Reviews
Caffeine Reviews rated it 7 years ago
Seems to be a highly raved about book, I thought it was dreadful.I just didn't care for Diamant's almost total rewrite of the original biblical account. I understand this is fiction and she has the right to tell her story the way she likes, but I don't feel she told it in a positive or respectful li...
Thief of Camorr
Thief of Camorr rated it 7 years ago
For the first 20% or so I couldn't tell whether I wanted to put it down or not. Asia grated on my nerves to the point where the book wasn't enjoyable. Then everything else outweighed that, and I really love the differences in this book that Bishop has taken time to stress. Yes, there's vampires and ...
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