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The Robber Bride - Community Reviews back

by Margaret Atwood
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Remember When the Music
Remember When the Music rated it 4 years ago
I consider myself a big Margaret Atwood fan, though I’ve only delved into a few of her novels. And I actually only first read The Handmaid’s Tale because it was assigned to me for a class (though I was delighted to find it already on my bookshelf, probably purchased for a few bucks at some used book...
Michael's Book Babble
Michael's Book Babble rated it 4 years ago
Although lengthy in spots, Margaret Atwood’s The Robber Bride is a mesmerizing tale of lies and manipulation. We meet Zenia, who has to be one of the cruelest and most mean characters I've come across in the world of fiction. Her cruelty is subtle, no doubt, but in the end that’s what makes it even ...
Benefits of Being a Nerd
Benefits of Being a Nerd rated it 5 years ago
Margaret Atwood's The Robber Bride takes an intensive look at the lives of three women and how those lives are affected by a charming and manipulative woman named Zenia. Though the novel takes place primarily in the past, it maintains an immediacy and suspense that feels very present, which is ef...
The Book Nerd
The Book Nerd rated it 6 years ago
The Robbers Bride by Margaret Atwood is one of the best work she has done with her writing from what I've read from her so far. How can three women with the man of their dreams be stolen by someone as manipulative as Zenia is. The story can go so far from what you until it gone then comes back aft...
Eccentric Musings (jakaEM)
Eccentric Musings (jakaEM) rated it 6 years ago
Atwood at her finest - and in some ways, meanest (I mean that in a good way). I ended up loving it, although found it started slowly, lacking her usual sly and almost remote perspective, sharp insights, biting black humour. It was almost too sincere and - gasp! - clichéd. Then, by about p 100, it k...
Books etc.
Books etc. rated it 7 years ago
This is the kind of book from Atwood that I wanted to read. Of course oryx & crake is great but Atwood's women can beat dystopian world anytime.
madbkwm rated it 7 years ago
This novel is mostly well done and has some great quips. It wasn't as good as The Handmaiden's Tale, but better than Cat's Eye and The Blind Assassin.Overall there are some plot weaknesses..really all three of them are taken in by Zenia despite the knowledge of what happened to the others? Really ...
Readin' and Dreamin'
Readin' and Dreamin' rated it 7 years ago
I've never read The Robber Bridegroom, which inspired this work. From what I've read via summary: The Robber Bridegroom lures three different maidens and 'devours' them, whatever that means. In Atwood's contemporary novel The Robber Bride, she introduces the character of Zenia, who purposely ruins t...
Reading a Thousand Lives
Reading a Thousand Lives rated it 7 years ago
At first I was a little wary of the plot--a "maneater" who steals the men of three women, who declare her evil. But it was beautifully written, of course, everything by Margaret Atwood is beautifully written. I love Tony the best, then Roz, both of them have such compelling pasts and their resulting...
me reading books
me reading books rated it 8 years ago
I read this a long time ago and didn't like it. I think I abandoned it rather quickly but I can't remember why. One of these days I will give it another try since I can only imagine that I was too young to understand or appreciate it then.
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