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The Strange Library - Community Reviews back

by Ted Goossen, Haruki Murakami
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Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus
Grimlock ♥ Ultra Magnus rated it 2 years ago
This was confusing, not so much in 'oh, wait, what happened?' No, this was confusing as in 'why? Why did that all happen?' The last page is especially dreary, depressing, and confusing. I was drawn to this book due to the use of illustrations, and the fact that I tend to love this author's w...
Tea, Cats, and Books
Tea, Cats, and Books rated it 3 years ago
My mom insists it was cheating that I picked up this book. That's because I partial did it because I knew it was short and I was starting to get behind in my book goal. But I'm still counting it. I've heard a lot about Murakami in my years of being a bookseller, most of it good, some of it not, but ...
Ani's Book Abyss
Ani's Book Abyss rated it 3 years ago
The Strange Library -- Haruki Murakami If there was an underlying meaning to the short story portrayed about a boy getting lost in the weird underground labyrinthine horror of a common city library where old men eat brains full of knowledge, sheep men get thrown into a jar with caterpillars as ...
An Un-Calibrated Centrifuge
An Un-Calibrated Centrifuge rated it 4 years ago
I read this book tonight because I was looking for something short and quick to try and help me shake this reading slump. I don't know what I was expecting, but this wasn't it. The ending threw me. I liked the illustrations. And the magic realism of the story. This is definitely one I'll be revisi...
bookwookiee rated it 4 years ago
The Strange Library has all of (or almost all of) the elements of a Murakami story that I love, distilled into one quick read. The illustrations and the recurrence of familiar Murakami themes and characters/character-types serve to elevate the story's dreamlike atmosphere. It was made both familiar ...
Degrees of Affection
Degrees of Affection rated it 4 years ago
Two days later (and more at the time of this post) and I'm still mulling over this short but bewilderingly provoking book. This is, I'll admit, my first attempt at a Murakami story and I can say I'm impressed. Though short, there is a definite plot, you learn to like or dislike characters, and he st...
R-r-read rated it 4 years ago
I love mysterious, weird, allegorical stories like this one. After I read this, I spent days wondering what it all really meant, what each character represented, and reading reviews where others tried to do the same. The Sheep Man in particular was one of my favorite characters, and for some reason ...
Books Over TV
Books Over TV rated it 4 years ago
What's the point of this book? I've missed something or was there nothing to miss? The end really threw me for a loop. I'll rate it for its entertainment value and awesome pictures.
ReadingBifrost rated it 4 years ago
‘“If all they did was lend out knowledge for free, what would the payoff be for them?”“But that doesn’t give them the right to saw off the tops of people’s heads and eat their brains. Don’t you think that’s going a bit too far?’”If you haven’t ever read a story by Murakami before, he’s odd. Very odd...
Ex libris de librum vermis
Ex libris de librum vermis rated it 4 years ago
First book for children by Murakami and it is completely immersed in his surreal world. It is a bit macabre, reminiscing original Grimm tales. I cannot shake a feeling that he wanted to convey the idea that libraries can prepare you for living - even encountering hard times that leave you at the beg...
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