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The Sunbird - Community Reviews back

by Elizabeth Wein
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By Singing Light
By Singing Light rated it 3 years ago
This month I’m looking at the Aksum series by Elizabeth Wein; I started with A Coalition of Lions, which is technically the second book but I do what I want. This post focuses on the next book, The Sunbird. Please note that there are spoilers! The Sunbird marks a shift in the series–up until now, th...
between4walls rated it 5 years ago
Book three of Wein's Arthurian/Aksumite series takes up the story of the next generation, with Medraut's twelve-year-old son Telemakos as protagonist. Unlike the first two books in the series, it is told from the third-person point of view, and unfortunately, I think that made it less interesting. T...
ambyr rated it 5 years ago
Wein's writing as always is lovely. In this particular case, that talent is used to lovingly describe the protagonist's wounds, down to every last bleeding scratch and emotional trauma. Almost as many pages are devoted to those wounds--and to the way the protagonist's family coo, cluck, and weep ove...
Deirdre rated it 6 years ago
I absolutely loved this book -- I hardly know what to say about it at this point, except that it's amazing! I think everybody should read it....BUT I will add one caveat. I agree with [a:Karen Healey|2945301|Karen Healey|http://d.gr-assets.com/authors/1262678790p2/2945301.jpg] --Parts of this book a...
By Singing Light
By Singing Light rated it 8 years ago
I think the most important thing to say about these books is that they’re not The Winter Prince. They certainly build off of that story, and I would most definitely read it first. But The Winter Prince is one of those books that I don’t think you could write a real sequel to. Nonetheles, A Coalition...
altheaann rated it 10 years ago
The third in Wein's ‘Aksum' trilogy, this works perfectly well as a stand-alone novel. In these books, Wein mixes the history of Greek legend with Ethiopian history, creating an interesting and unusual milieu.Telemakos, named after the son of Odysseus, is a half-Greek, half-Ethiopian boy, grandson o...
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