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The Tale of the Body Thief - Community Reviews back

by Anne Rice
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Cody's Bookshelf
Cody's Bookshelf rated it 10 months ago
It is official: this is the book that made me an unwavering fan of Lestat. While the previous Vampire Chronicle, Queen of the Damned
PooBear's Blog
PooBear's Blog rated it 5 years ago
This 4th book is different thenI expected. I didn't expect my Vampire Lestat could be so evil at the end. It is kind of weird that Lestat were in different body and he have to find the Body Thief with a help from his friend. I thought this is what Lestat wanted of become a human, but no he seeing a ...
... rated it 5 years ago
I had fun reading this book, for the most part. It does have issues, though, and moments where I really wanted something to happen already. I don't think the implications of anyone being able to switch bodies whenever they want (albeit with some training), and what that would mean for the vampires, ...
Crystal Starr Light, Raging Snarky Stormtrooper Pony
Bullet Review:Wow. What a serious waste of my time! I felt bad when I was bored with The Queen of the Damned, which I attribute to being Vampire Chronicle-d out, but I can't use that excuse with this book. I had quite a few months between "Queen of the Damned" and whatever THIS is.This book has a th...
raquelmariejaruda rated it 7 years ago
anne rice is a genius, she should have her own religion.
ariannajohnson rated it 7 years ago
I thought this was a great book! Ane Rice has an excellent writing style (although, it may take a while to actually READ her books), accompanied by great characters,plot, and imagery. This was one of the more simpler of her books, compared to the first three, but it was still a captivating read, and...
Second Bookses
Second Bookses rated it 8 years ago
Once upon a time, Anne Rice had an excellent series called the Vampire Chronicles. It began with Interview with the Vampire, where her "main" vampire, Lestat, is introduced, and continued her focus on the various adventures and mishaps of Lestat through this novel, The Tale of the Body Thief.::: Oh,...
traciloudin rated it 8 years ago
Now it's Lestat's turn to be a whiny little brat.
Somewhere Far Beyond
Somewhere Far Beyond rated it 8 years ago
Even though some parts of the book were interesting and entertaining, I rhink it was disappointing in general. I had so much fun with Queen of the damned, that The tale of the body thief left me with an insipid taste.
Love listening
Love listening rated it 8 years ago
The actual story was good but the ramblings about god and stuff was a *yawn*
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