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The Uninvited - Community Reviews back

by Liz Jensen
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Twitchy Witchy Girl
Twitchy Witchy Girl rated it 5 years ago
At first glance everything about this book screams creepy. The cover of an evil looking child, the little summary on the inside cover that instantly hooks you. However, this book quickly goes from a horror novel to something else and the children turned murderers are quickly on the back burner. This...
A Spoopy Love Affair With Books
A Spoopy Love Affair With Books rated it 5 years ago
A completely new and unique take on the apocalypse, Liz Jensen takes a synopsis that could be a typical horror story and spins it into an emotionally wrenching, beautiful and ultimately fulfilling tale of environmentalism and familial bonds. And while she never provides you with solid answers as to ...
Bettie's Books
Bettie's Books rated it 6 years ago
bookshelves: winter-20132014, under-1000-ratings, tbr-busting-2014, published-2012, britain-scotland, taiwan, recreational-homicide, casual-violence, mental-health, lifestyles-deathstyles, fraudio, britain-england, psychology, boo-scary, anthropology, mystery-thriller, sci-fi, dystopian, filthy-luc...
Words and Worlds
Words and Worlds rated it 6 years ago
Holy crap this was creepy. If you have anything to do with small kids, this book will make uncomfortable reading. The story is about a global outbreak of violence against adults, perpetrated by children. The children have no memory of the incidents once they're over, and they feel no remorse. The ...
Konnici na Liriite - Chevalier Du Lys
First Impression:I am thorn between my star rating... The book until the end is near perfect... But the ending... What a hell Liz?? : Second Impression:This tale follows two linked stories. Hesketh, a man with a Asperger syndrome is an investigator for an insurance company. He travels from place to ...
Tower of Iron Will
Tower of Iron Will rated it 6 years ago
Xenogenesis is the word for when children bear little or no resemblance to their parents. If you have ever been a little creeped out by children then The Uninvited is the perfect thriller for you.Hesketh is a corporate consultant who specializes in investigating industrial sabotage. He is also an As...
Delirious About Books
Delirious About Books rated it 7 years ago
I wanted to like this book so much. I was excited to read it. The title, the cover and the premise seem so creepy and I loved that. But I have been trying to read it for the past 4 months and I just can't. The first few pages were creepy and I thought the rest of the book would be like that, but the...
Lectus rated it 7 years ago
I really liked Hesketh Lock but the book wasn't about what though it would be. Jensen is a superb writer but the story was difficult to like. Despite liking Hesketh and his little OCD with origami, he bored me. The story tried to cover dystopia and Asperger's syndrome together not really focusing in...
That's What She Read
That's What She Read rated it 7 years ago
Children are typically revered for their innocence and inability to protect themselves. However, anyone who has ever had any interaction with children on a regular basis (which means anyone who has experienced the tortures of puberty) knows that children are cruel little beasts and more than capable...
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The Uninvited is a dystopian novel set in the present day, where children start behaving oddly and attacking adults close to them. From a few isolated incidents, modern society soon reaches breaking point and a new equilibrium is reached.The underlying message of The Uninvited - that our current soc...
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