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The Walking Dead, Vol. 3: Safety Behind Bars - Community Reviews back

by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Cliff Rathburn
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Twirling Book Princess
Twirling Book Princess rated it 5 years ago
The rating is going down. 5 stars for the first one, 4 stars for the second one, and now 3 stars for this volume. I am not sure if I like it, I am not sure if I will continue. Because seriously? This is just too much soap opera, too much drama for me. I came for zombies, not for humans doing all kin...
FatherCraneMadeMeDoIt rated it 6 years ago
Very chaotic all-over-the-place storyline. A little difficult to follow with all the time jumps and back-and-forth scenes, but definitely a good read. This volume made me hate Lori even more than I did watching the show, but there was enough appeal in the rest of the characters to keep me engaged. D...
Tackling Mt. TBR
Tackling Mt. TBR rated it 6 years ago
I'm so surprised that I feel this way, but I think I'm enjoying this even more than the show. I feel like the comic version focuses quite a lot on the action and eliminates all the longish boring bits you get in the show. I have to say, I'm surprised that I hate Lori just as much in the comics as ...
DanySpike rated it 6 years ago
A great read. They have just found an old prison, well protected and with only a few hundred zombies to kill in order to live safely there. The problem is, the zombies aren't the only thing they have to be worried about. Four stars!
veeral rated it 7 years ago
Much better than Volume-2. The story is developing now. It would be interesting to see where they go from here as this volume ended with a major cliffhanger.
Merry Meerkat Marginalia
Merry Meerkat Marginalia rated it 7 years ago
This volume is just as good as the first two. 5 stars. It is a particularly violent and bloody volume and once again I’m glad it’s in black and white and not showing all the blood.So much happens: (Spoilers!)Turns out the prison isn’t as abandoned as they thought. They find 4 people, prisoners not ...
Momma182's Reviews
Momma182's Reviews rated it 7 years ago
Ok, so I am really loving the graphic novels. I'm not really a fan of them, so I'm thinking it has to have a lot to do with the subject, but so far it's awesome! Love the prison in general. One of my favourite parts of the show so far (yes I know that they are VERY different).
Contagious Reads
Contagious Reads rated it 8 years ago
My favorite out of the three so far. It was very eventful and full of action and drama. If only the show could be as fast paced as the comics. Don't get me wrong I love the show, but this is superb too!!
narfna rated it 8 years ago
January 2013: Well, now I remember why I never made it past Vol. 3. This shit is bleak as hell, and extremely disgusting. Rick & Co. have moved into the prison they found at the end of Vol. 2, and despite even their own reservations about allowing themselves to hope for even a little bit of somethin...
Eloísa Valdes's Reactions
Eloísa Valdes's Reactions rated it 8 years ago
I picked it up before sleeping and I just couldn't, despite all my sleepiness, put it away before finishing it. If the next volume wasn't so far away from me and the bed I tell ya, I'd have read that one as well already. This is way better than the tv show.
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