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Discussion: Sock Poppet's 2015 Read-By-the-Month Reading Challenge
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Rules for Sock Poppet's 2015 Read-By-the-Month Reading Challenge

1 ~ I will list 4 book prompts each month related to a theme.

2 ~ Choose one prompt and read the book. (For those with more time, choose two or more prompts.)

3 ~ Post a link to your review/post of the book(s) you read in the group.

4 ~ Using books for multiple challenges is perfectly acceptable, but a book can only be used once within this challenge.

5 ~ That's it. Choose a book to read each month in 2015 and you will have completed this challenge!
January's book was a new to me author and the first I read this year Miramont's Ghost. I can't get a link to my review on my blog page but it is there.

This book was one of the free books available through Amazon Prime Kindle First program for January.
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You're the first to have finished a book for the challenge.

Way to go!!!!!!
I just finished a book - a collection of short stories. Most of the stories (10 out of 12) are by authors new to me. Does that qualify me for the prompt #2? If not, the prompt #4: the first book of the year. Here is the link.
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Congratulations on completing the new author prompt!

I think with all the new authors you read that the book qualifies for sure.

And thanks for the link.
Ok so this is my second post for January books for this challenge as well as the Heidi Cullinan book Let It Snow which was my first book of the year

I have also read Avril Aston's Love the Sinner which is the first book in a series

and The Shearing Gun by Renae Kaye who is a new author for me.

I'm pretty sure I won't do this well every month but I might go check that fourth option and see if I can start the year off right ;-)
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Wow, Bookfanatic. That's really cool that you completed 3 prompts! Good start for the year. :)
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Thanks. I honestly had decided I was going to try and do 2 because I knew at least one of the books I was planning on reading qualified for one of the prompts (Love the Sinner as well as being the first book in a series was also a new author, but then I decided spur of the moment to read The Shearing Gun because one of my GR friends was reading it an really, really liked it so I bumped it up on my list and ta,da 3 prompts) pretty sure the rest of the year won't be as easy but it will be fun trying.
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