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Discussion: January's Reading Challenge ~ First Things First
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Two prompts . . . way to go, Book Gumbo!

One Door Away From Heaven

Sweeeeetttt! I think I did the link right!

Ok, so for this book I have two prompts covered
The Title has "One" in it and I have never read Dean Koontz before.

Also, thank you to everyone that has helped me with the review link. Thank you for your patience and guidance.
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The link works beautifully!

You can actually only use the book for one prompt; that's one of the rules.

You can use a book for other challenges, but only once within this challenge.
Oh oops...sorry!!! I kind of realized that it fit two prompts late in the game but I'll only use one then. I guess the title (because that was the prompt it was meant to fit initially) or do I throw it out of the challenge (because it fits two--because I really haven't read him before) altogether? I feel like my brain knew that rule and somehow forgot when posting. Sorry again. Looking forward to February.
It's no biggie if I have to throw it out of the challenge. I read my first book of the year previously. I'm more wanting to know for future months and for the personal challenge of it in my head. Thank you! I'm having a lot of fun. The challenge is great and I love the prompts!:)
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I'm so glad you're enjoying it.

I had fun thinking of the prompts.

And now I had better decide what I'm going to read for February!
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