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Discussion: Introductions!
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created by: La Crimson Femme
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hi and welcome to the group, Marlene! :D
Welcome Miss Reader!
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Hello Miss Reader!
Hi everyone! Penumbra here, same as on GR. I posted some over there in that group but don't know how often I'll post here. I'll drop in when I can.
hi there!
Hi Penumbra! I think I "welcomed" You on another section. Anyway hi again!

Book Likes does not like my pc much. lol
Hi everyone, nice to see some of my favorite groups on here as well!
Hi BA, Karma, jj, poison, and all new friends.

So nice to see so many familiar faces!
Hi Sandi! Welcome! :)
Welcome Jackie!
Hi everyone, good to see this group and so many familiar names here!
I'm Bluerabella, same as on Goodreads and Librarything.
Greetings to everyone!
Hello Everyone! Sorry I've been out of pocket. Between preparing for a week business trip and then gone for the business trip, I've been out of my mind with work. :/
Hiya, BA! This is Nancy D from the BDSM group from GR! I'm still trying to figure this place out, so I haven't really made an intro here yet.
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Welcome back, BA/LCF! You've been missed. :)
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