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Discussion: PNR/UF: Any suggestions or questions?
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New feature, new group―and for me, a new site. So, what would you like to have in this group?
Hi KB. Hmmm. I called myself a group 'lurkee-loo' in another thread and so I'm not the best to suggest group activities. I know I'd like to hear about what PNR/UF people are reading and really enjoying. What their favorites have been. I always appreciate hearing when a good book is offered for free or at a reduced price.
I'd say my favorite part of groups is usually the challenges. I usually sign up for way too many each month but they are fun and gives everyone ideas for new books. What I don't like are the "what are you reading" threads. When you're on 10 groups should you update on each group what you're currently reading?? I usually only do if it is relevant to the group like a really good shifter book on the shifters group. But I'm rambling, sorry.
Thanks for the feedback. I got some basic threads up (including a freebie/deals one ^.^) so people can start chatting when they feel comfortable. We can definitely do group reads & challenges but if OK w/ everyone, I'd like to wait a bit to see what else BL rolls out for DRs. Right now, we can create a thread for a specific book but not much else.

Rainy Day, I usually try to do the same thing with the 'what are you reading' threads--figure that there's a lot of overlap re: members & they don't need to see the same post from me in multiple groups. (Oh and don't hate me but I just created a 'what's your current read' thread here. Feel free to ignore. ^.^)
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lol I don't hate ya. Just won't post unless it's a PNR or UF book. ;)
Hi KarmaBites, do you want me to delete that post out of the FYI/Rules thread so it will be clean/just admin posts? I didn't want to just delete it and leave your response hanging.
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Completely agree with the challenge idea. DR are a little too new, with too few features to really do challenges right now, but when BL gets some more things going for the DR I'd love to see challenges on here!

As for the "what your reading now" threads, I tend to pick just one groups thread and add books to it. Or just not comment at all. I do like seeing what everyone is reading, but as Rainy Day said, it becomes too much if all your groups have Reading Now threads. You can also just comment after you've read a few books: like just finished this book and this book and starting this one.
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No need, Georgiana. Perfectly fine. :)
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