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Wrong email address or username
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Yeap, I have only this one user where this happened. No name in the email, and when I click on the notification I see the ava on the left side, but *no* user name next to it. That´s the odd thing. Never saw this one before.

Now with new users joining the group everything seems to be okay, but I will certainly keep an eye out for it.
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Re: Just to confirm what Petra X said about reblogging not working.

Not only "Reblogged from..." doesn't show, but now not even the source doesn't show up.
I just reblogged an article and I had to manually edit it to add both "Reblogged from" and the url source. This is after I posted it. If I had not edited it, the article would look as if it was coming from me originally. Please fix this. Cheers.
The following is a marked spoiler.
(hide spoiler) It only works some of the time.(show spoiler)

As the last message shows up on each thread of each discussion room,
spoilers aren't staying hidden at this spot.

Any ideas? Or am I doing it wrong?
Anyone else not getting email notifications anymore? I have settings that I receive notifs on BookLike itself, which works, and email but those are missing since yesterday. Didn´t change anything so I have no idea what the prob is right now.
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I'm still getting email notifications, but I don't seem to be getting all of the ones I get on my dashboard.
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I get everything on BookLikes - as far as I can tell of course - but still nothing into my email. Not a single notif finds its way into my inbox. I checked my settings again, just to be on the safe side, but they seem to be okay and the way I want them to be. The notifications simply stopped coming.
I haven't gotten any email notifications either - I suspect some process 'died' over the weekend or some other such thing.
re #44, Murder by Death, thanks for confirmation that I am not the only one.

Something else completely now: I posted a review earlier today, found a typo later on and edited my review.

When I checked back one part of a paragraph went poof even it had nothing to do with the part where I corrected the typo and I am 100 % positive I never went anywhere that part. Sooo no idea what´s going on here, but that would be unfortunate indeed if editing causing parts of a review to disappear as it happened.

Luckily I still had my review saved on a word-doc so I could easily restore it.

Anyone ever noticed something like this?
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@Miranda: I didn't have to edit any reviews recently, but that sounds a little scary. Might as well save them somewhere just in case. Thanks for letting us know.

Meanwhile, the reblogging function is now restored my end and the time zone looks good again. The email notification looks very random here. I used to get them fine until this morning and now it's broken as Murder by Death says.
No email notifications, and I only get what looks like a reasonably complete dashboard feed if I (re-)hit the green "dashboard" button instead of just refreshing the dashboard page.

Either something fairly major is broken (and it would have to be fairly major, since for all of us the problem first occurred a couple of days ago and they're normally good at fixing minor problems really fast) -- or they are doing something to the site's architecture that somehow also involves notifications and dashboard feed. (Like introducing PM, perhaps? [Random and entirely unfounded speculation alert.])

I would HOPE they are checking this thread ... That's what it exists for, after all! Does anybody know from experience -- e.g., has anybody reported a bug here and gotten feedback without also notifying support about their problem by email?
I was getting some email notifications (not all), but now I'm not getting any, either.
They seem to be fixed. I just got 62 email notifications.
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Same here, got all my notifications at once approx one hour ago into my email inbox.

re msg # 46 The Boat...

when I looked over my feed I noticed the paragraph that partially disappeared after editing my review was exactly where it says "shows full post" (or smth like this), that is where it shortens the post in the feed.

I have no way of knowing if this was a coincidence, though. Just odd, since as I said the typo was at a complete other location and I am positive I did not touch this part of my review, not even by chance. Only one typo corrected, but did not edit anything else anywhere.
Has anybody else been having problems adding books to shelves? In table view (I'm using Firefox) if I edit the shelves for a book the page instantly reloads back to the top of page one I don't even have time to hit close. It does the same thing adding multiple books to a shelf, makes it almost impossible to edit shelves on any but the first page and I've got 48 pages if I'm viewing 75 books per page. Really frustrating to have to navigate back to the page I was working on each time I edit any shelves.
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I don't think this is a bug -- it's just the way the system works -- so you should probably cross-post this as a request for a change to "feature requests."

That said, if you look at the page URL in table view, you'll see that it actually doesn't change after you've saved your "add to shelf" changes. (Just be aware that the first page is [invisibly] counted as "page 0" in the URL, so when for all intents and purposes you're working on page 2, it will show as "page 1" in the URL, etc.) To return to the page you were last working on, just put your cursor into the URL and hit "enter." I'd rather have the page display return automatically to that page, too, but for the time being I've found the above at least a serviceable workaround.
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