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Discussion: May's Reading Challenge ~ You May, But Should You?
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This month you will read a:

1 ~ book with a character who does something wild.

2 ~ book with a character who does something you've always wanted to do, but haven't.

3 ~ book with a character who dares to be different.

4 ~ book with a character who defies orders.
hi! i'm new to the group. just joined BookLikes half of April i think so i wasn't able to catch up with the April prompt. anyway, i look forward to this month. right now, i'm eyeing prompts #3 and #4 and i might have a book in mind already.
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Welcome to the Challenge, aobibliophile™.

Starting in May is great. What book do you have in mind?

I always love to see what people are going to read.
thank you for the welcome. i'm sorting through my pile as there seems to be a lot of choices lol. i'll do a post once i finally decide. :)
Excellent prompts! Yet again, it will be fun to pick something and interesting to see which of the prompts it fits best.

My first choice is Wild by Cheryl Strayed but we'll see what other books present themselves this month that fit the categories.

Sock Poppet, have you picked something, yet? I see aobibliophileTM is keeping us in suspense.
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I'm reading a book now that can fit #1 and 4.


It's really fast paced and happily, all three books in the trilogy are published!
Oh, this sounds good, too. I'll look out for your review. :) The Branch sounds mysterious.
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I don't do reviews, but it is really good. And I like it because there's lots of action and not a lot of long descriptions or character introspection.
I almost forgot about this until I saw your posting for the June choices. So here's me scrambling through my books hoping that I at least met one of the choices and surprise, surprise I actually did all 4 this month and impressed myself, lol.
1. A character who does something wild...I chose 'The Biker's Pup' by Sean Michael one of the main characters just takes off to go live with the other in another city totally on impulse pretty wild and risky in my opinion.


2. A character who does something you've always wanted to do. This is more of a long story than a book but the main character decided it was time to move on one day and he just started travelling until he found the place he wanted to stay and the idea of just going wherever I want until I don't feel like going anymore always kind of appealed to me. For this one I read Chris Owens 'Running Away to Home'.


3. A character who dares to be different. I read 3 books that suited this one and I absolutely loved each of them.
'Carry the Ocean' by Heidi Cullinan about Emmet, a young man who is autistic and rather than be ashamed of what makes him different he embraces it and teaches Jeremy the person he falls in love with that 'normal is just a setting on the clothes dryer'. It was a wonderful story and while neither character made the choice to be different Emmet made the choice to embrace and be proud of what makes him different.

Next is 'Loving Jay' and Jay is different he knows it and he embraces and celebrates what makes him different rather than hide it from the world. Jay was simply a wonderful, beautiful character.

The last one was Amy Lane's book 'Shiny' a wonderful story about loving someone for who they are and how that can bring out the best in a person. Even when their best isn't quite what they or anyone else realized it would be.


4. A book with a character who defies orders. Lisa Henry's 'The Island' Lee is an undercover operative with the Australian equivalent of the CIA who breaks his cover to rescue a young man from certain death going against every order and directive he has for his current mission.


Sock Poppet, I think the secret to doing this challenge is not to pay attention to what you've read until the end of the month, lol.
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Way to go, Bookfanatic!

"I think the secret to doing this challenge is not to pay attention to what you've read until the end of the month,"

I think I agree with you. I've found books that fit after I read the book and then looked at the prompt, too.

I found a book for each prompt, too. I'm going to try to post them tomorrow.
i finally have the book which fits prompts 1, 3 and 4. i won't go into prompt 2 though lol. wink wink!

it's summer again and Jonathan Cooper is back at Bible camp. he meets this new guy Ian and falls in love with him. he gets confused about his feelings as they seem to be in conflict with what he was taught that homosexuality is an abomination. yet how could something that feels so good and right for him and Ian be so wrong! where does God figure in all of this? what's with God's unconditional love? what about "hating the sin and not the sinner?"

well, amidst all the confusion and questions and doubts, Jonathan still did something wild, dared to be different and defied orders in the end. ;)

Caught in the Crossfire is the first part of a trilogy and i'm currently reading the second book.
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That definitely sounds like it fits.

Love your avatar!
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yeah it did and Bookfanatic was so right with "I think the secret to doing this challenge is not to pay attention to what you've read until the end of the month." lol

thank you. i just edited a couple of images from the public domain until i got it right - more or less. ;)
Great books all round in this month's prompts. It's beautiful to see such different approaches. :)

So, my reads this month are:

Prompts 1, 2, 3, and 4:
Wild - Cheryl Strayed

Prompt 3:
Writ - Ali Smith

Prompts 1, 3, and 4:
There but for the - Ali Smith

Prompts 1, 2, 3, and 4:
The Silence of the North - Olive Fredrickson
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Oh you are going to wreck havoc with my TBR list. I can tell. I just checked this series out and it sounds really good. I have a funny feeling it's going to end up in my cart next time I go book shopping ;-)
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