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Discussion: May's Reading Challenge ~ You May, But Should You?
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lol. i'm almost done with book 2 - Searching for Grace and i hope to read book 3 this weekend. i was able to friend the author on FB and she connected with me on Twitter as well.

i can't stop you if you decide to go shopping. if you do get the 3 books (no point in reading just the first one), let me know so i can tell Juliann. she'll be mighty pleased.
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I will do that. Probably next month when it's my birthday and I can get away with buying a few extra books as a gift for me. Not that hubby every really says much he's awesome that way. He knows I love my books.
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cool! advance birthday well-wishes for you then and lucky you to have such an awesome hubby! :)
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Thank you and yes. I'll look forward to seeing your post here and possibly finding more interesting books to read :)
Here's a link to my post about the books I read for May's prompts. I really got some good ones this month.

May's Books
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It looks like you got some really great books read this month, too.

There but for the sounds like a really intriguing story.
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Freddy the Pig...OHMYGOD!!! That sounds hysterical. I miss those days of perusing the children's books with my son. He use to devour books and we discovered some of the best stories. I'd give him a new Christmas story every year and we'd read it on Christmas Eve he still has all of those books and a bunch of other books from when he was really young. It fills me with the best memories whenever I see that shelf of children's books at his place.
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awww...your son is so sweet to still keep those books after all this time. you did right by him! by the way, i finished book 2 - Searching for Grace last night and i'll start with the last one Taking the Stand later before bedtime.
book 2 in the Crossfire Trilogy - Searching for Grace.

Jonathan and Ian's story continues and gets more intense. again, Jonathan did 1, 3 and 4 as usual and i'm not sure if he did them for the right or maybe wrong reasons this time.

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Thanks. I'm pretty proud of him and to be honest it amazes me that I might have had some small role in helping him to be the incredible guy that he is and I am totally checking those Juliann Rich books out they look excellent. Have you read Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe? It's an excellent book I highly recommend it ;)
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I love reading children's books. They are among my favorite books ever.

Your son is smart to keep his children's books. If he has children, he'll be able to read to them and enjoy the books all over again.
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yes i have. read it last year and i agree. it was an excellent book. simply told yet so profound somehow.

by the way, it's Juliann's birthday. :)
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i turn to children's books now and then to feed my inner child who hasn't grown up yet. it probably never will and it's all right.

i wish i still had all my childhood books and comics with me. i did manage to save my boxed set of The Chronicles of Narnia and 1965 editions of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. the Tolkien books were my Mom's when she was still single and i've kept them. they're old, pages are kinda yellow but the spines are still good. we lost the complete set of John Carter and Tarzan books though...
Prompt 1 ~ book with a character who does something wild.
Jojo Moyes – One Plus One - a wonderful 4.5 stars novel about poverty, choices, and love.

Prompt 3 ~ book with a character who dares to be different.
Moira Shearer – BalletMaster - a non-fiction book about ballet, a biography of George Balanchine.

Prompts 2 and 4 ~ no luck
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You completed the challenge with just one of the books, so no worries on the other two prompts!

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