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Discussion: Think Thank
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And something that just came up in a discussion with Carpe Librum:

The ability to tag individual members in order to be able to include them in a discussion you think might interest them.

I assume even if this site does get busier, it's not always going to be as busy as yesterday and today. But tagging others may still be a useful shortcut to direct them to a given conversation, without leaving it to accident whether and when they're going to see the original post inspiring that discussion at all.
I would strongly prefer not to have old imported reviews showing up on my feed. This can literally be hundreds of reviews, and with the formatting issues that occur between platforms, they can be almost unreadable as well as overwhelm newer, more relevant posts from other friends.
Reply to 18, 19, and 20.
All of these are great. I'm pretty sure BL is paying attention to this discussion right now.
Anyone else want to weigh in on these?
I prefer one notification showing one or multiple new comments to a discussion, like Goodreads has. So instead of 12 new notifications for Think Thank I could have just 1.
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Agreed -- I prefer to find other people's reviews when I'm actually looking at a given book (or book page).
I think it's time, as long as we are trying to take over the asylum, to ask what people would like to change or add to the book database.

Would a separate review feed be a good idea? Have a announcement in the regular feed show tha review and rating but have the complete review in a separate feed. With maybe a little button to link to all reviews of that particular book?
Ok, in addition to the 1 notification per discussion/post, how about a "new" indicator from where we left off. It works well for me over on Goodreads especially if I've been gone awhile.

Re: imports of old reviews/books: I prefer not to see those in my newsfeed. Also, if I did that, with the quantity I have, I would piss everyone off. lol

I know I haven't been around much lately but is there a way to sort our followers? I have nearly 1400 and just scrolling through the list is beyond frustrating. I would like to sort them by "last active" or "newest" or some other way instead of scrollscrollscrollscroll.
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I agree with the single notification for comments or likes on the same post/discussion. I love the activity we are having this week but I am getting swamped by hundreds of notifications & trying to make sure I don't miss anything.
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This sorting of followers came up in another discussion recently because I didn't realize we could do this either. If you go to friends through the dropdown dashboard menu, you can sort by activity. I was clicking on followers from my blog/profile, and then it doesn't give that option.
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How about a choice between alphabetized or recent activity?
I agree about the one notification for the activity in the comments section.
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You can already do that if you go to the followers or following tab Under friends :) then you can select on recent activity or alphabet ...
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Paul, I have a tablet too, and often find I can't do things as easily (another case in point is personalizing my blog page.).
I went to Friends, and I don't have the capability on the Friends tab, but I can sort under Followers and Following tabs.
And to those of you who pointed this out -- Thanks. I vaguely remember when BL added it, but it had since slipped my memory.
Yes, I meant the followers followings tab, but first you need to go to the friend tab... As in, it's not the list that's shown on your blog's page...
I haven't checked FAQ lately (as in, it's been two years), but it used to be very hard, as a newbie, to figure out all these kinds of things we are talking about. It would be nice if this stuff is easily accessible somewhere for new members to find. And even old members.
May I should go exploring to find where this stuff can be accessed now. But BL, if it's not easily findable, this is maybe also on our wishlist.
(We are so demanding. Sorry. But, we love you.)
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