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My thing is kind of a little thing I've gotten frustrated with in the few days I've been around, but thought I'd toss them around. After marking a book as read, is there way to make the stars used for rating appear so we can rate the book? Currently I have to refresh my browser window in order rate a book after I marked it as read. Otherwise I have to search for the book, mark is as read, then go to the book's page in order to rate. Is there no way to do this in one easy step?

The only way I do this is by always adding books via 'shelf advanced'. That way you can set the date read and add stars as well...
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Yes, same here.
Definitely condense notifications from the same post down to just one per post, rather than every single time a new comment is made. I feel really popular logging in and finding I have nearly 150 notifications, but when 15 of them are for the same comment thread it doesn't really make sense to have a different notification for each one.

Also, on the same topic, when I clicked on the link that takes you to the full-screen page where all the notifications are listed I noticed that it doesn't tell me how many pages of notifications there are. The page has 20 notifications on it, you scroll to the bottom and the page is listed as '1' and next to it is a link that says 'next'. Only after you click the 'next' link can you see that there is a second page, but you can't tell if there is a third or fourth page (and so on) until you are actually on the third or fourth page (and so on). You can work out how many pages there should be by how many notifications you have (if you've got 147 notifications at 25 per page that's 6 pages), but that's more effort than I think should be necessary. Can we change it so the bottom of the page lists all the available pages and there's a link for first and last page and a link for next and previous page (like Google, and most other websites with multiple pages similar to BL, does)? That would really make it much more user friendly when dealing with multiple notifications like in the current situation.
Does anyone think it's a good idea to add birthday notifications to friend's feeds? (With an option to decline publication). And maybe BL anniversary dates?

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Yeah, I do! I'd be happy and excited to see many "Happy Birthday" and "Happy Anniversary" messages on the appropriate days. I'd also like for it to be viewable on a personalisable 'about me' page, along with any other personal information people want to share (obviously up to individual members what they want to share, or even if they want to have an 'about me' page at all).
It would be nice if our custom exclusive shelf names showed up on the book comparison page.

It’s pretty ambiguous when you see a book on the comparison page with no star rating and no shelf name. It might be on a DNF (Did Not Finish) shelf, or it might be on a custom TBR (To-Be-Read) type shelf. Those are two very different scenarios and it's nice to know which is which.
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And I love the memes that some members post, and the flurry of activity and comments that follow. But not everyone gets to see them if they don't follow the person who posts them; plus the comments aren't centralized . They get divided up dependent on whose posts you see first. Maybe there could be some way that memes could be posted in a central place viewable by every member. That would give more members opportunity to get to know more members.
Hmm. Maybe those of us who haven't either posted about this group or reblogged anything about this group yet could create a post of their own? That way at least those of their followers who aren't already members here would learn about it, too.
Reblogging both posts.
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That's a great idea. I just periodically check the new followers and block any that appear to be spam or have empty shelves or no activity after a few months.
On the moderator's urging I'd like to register here my dissatisfaction with the reblog feature. Not only can one's posts be reblogged without the author's permission (this is unacceptable to me), but the reblogs do not reflect any subsequent editing by the original author (and this is unacceptable to me). As a test I deleted one of my reviews (which was reblogged without my permission), and the only change to the reblog was the indication that it *was* a reblog had disappeared! (This is *really* unacceptable to me. Happily, after a few requests, the reblogger was kind enough to delete the reblog. But what if some reblogger is not so cooperative?) So, as stated in a post on my page earlier today, I won't be making any more posts on BL until that feature has been modified to my satisfaction.
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That sucks, Leopard. I'm sorry to see you leave because of the reblog feature. Many have posted their dissatisfaction with the feature--I hope BL takes care of this soon. In any case, in an effort to dissuade you from leaving, perhaps you can add a note to the top your posts indicating that you do not want them reblogged?
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Thank you, Rachel, but such a note is no more than a nonbinding request. But I am keeping my BL account and will monitor the developments. I hope I can re-commence my reviewing here at some future date.
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That's true. Sorry. :( Hopefully BL can get this reblog feature sorted soon.
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