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Discussion: September Prompts ~ Back To School
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here's my wrap-up post for September's challenge:

back to school

i read six books that answered either all or most of the prompts! yahoooo! :)

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WooHoo! Well done!
Ironically September is probably the month that I did the least reading in. Too much real life stuff going on, but I actually have a book for each prompt. So here goes...

1. With school as a setting...Safety Net by Keiko Kirin takes place at college it's a book about college football and I am so glad I can use this book for this prompt because now I don't feel like reading it was a total waste of my time.

2. About the beginning of something new. (school, job marriage) Redemption by Eden Winter. One of the MC's spent a good portion of the book restoring a house he'd bought so that he could surprise his partner with a new home for them to start their life together in. So new homes and new beginnings were in this story.

3. About teaching or teachers. Sloe Ride by Rhys Ford. One of the MC's was a college professor.

4. Where a character learns a new skill. Last Line #2 - Ring Around the Sun by Harper Fox. John had to learn a whole new skill set of cooking and managing his partner's health care needs after he was exposed to radiation.
Well done, everyone!

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